Menswear Tailoring Moodboard

Nothing beats the satisfaction and pleasure in getting my hands dirty and gluing and sticking in order to communicate ideas. Mood boards are my thing, I’ve scrapbooks on all sorts back home, that always come in handy when I need a reference. So I jumped at the opportunity to brainstorm ideas on a mood board for part of my last university project.

Menswear was the focus, more precisely tailoring and smart casual attire. I thought about not just the end Men’s product, but the look, feel, quality and creation of the product; what type of man would buy these items and how would he buy them.

I focused on a man who takes pride in his personal appearance: chooses what he wears wisely. Ethically conscious and an avid social media user, this man wants his clothes made in Britain and delivered to his door.

Here are a few shots of my final mood-board. Unfortunately, the mood board is A2 and the scanner at University is only A3 so some areas repeat themselves.

I’m pleased with the final outcome, the layering looks smart and defines specific areas of the mood board to specific topics, which helps it flow. This mini project allowed me to let my inner gluer and sticker out, I can’t wait to mood board and collage more over summer, when I’ve got some more free time.

It’s so therapeutic to step away from Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator and the likes, to go back to basics with a pen and paper.  Long term I’d love to learn to sketch or draw, that way I could communicate what I’m thinking precisely. I recently attended a dinner party and the guy next to me, Sam was saying how he’d recently taken up an evening art class that was helping him indulge in his passion of art and helping his ‘Stick People’ come to life (His words not mine!) Perhaps one day my scribbles will become something.

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