Primrose Bakery Covent Garden, London

Feeling peckish, post Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A in South Kensington, my friend Dylan and I jumped on the London Underground to Covent Garden; to check out and eat in the renown Primrose Bakery, just off the central area of Covent Garden’s square.

The yellow fascia of the building beamed happy sunshine (Pretty much the theme of Primrose Bakery.) and the warm pre-welcome colour continued in store. We were served by a super assertive lady with awesome black-rimmed glasses (I forgot to get her name, poor journalism!)

Helped out with my flavors of cupcakes, I opted for a cake / cheesecake / brownie that caught my eye and to wash it down, a pot of earl grey. Dylan took a lot longer than I did selecting his cupcake; Dylan is from Taiwan and it’s the first time he’s celebrated Easter in the UK, for him it was love at first sight as soon as he locked eyes on the delectable and beautifully created Easter themed cupcakes, complete with Easter rabbit and sparkles – what more could you ask for!? He took some of the other flavors back to our flat to try out later, who can blame him, they’re totally yummy.

Each day the bakery have new flavors as well as their old, classic, staple favourites such as: Carrot, chocolate, red velvet, salted caramel and vanilla. Birthday and celebration cakes are available too, all too tempting. Whilst sat chatting with Dylan and eating away, a group of friends came in to purchase some cupcakes for a friend's welcome home gift, what a sweet welcome home gesture.

Primrose Bakery is Instagram ready; cute, kitsch and British, this bakery packs a punch on social media. Their photos are flawless and totally Tumblr ready. They’re good enough to eat.

Dylan and I really enjoyed our cake and tea in a really relaxing environment with good magazines (Art/ fashion/ food) and nice clean toilets! I’ll be back next time I need to step out of London’s hustle and bustle for a few quiet moments and a nice cuppa tea.

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