Scarcity Waste Sustainability Exhibition, Somerset House


Scarcity Waste- Syngenta Photography Award; Exploring global changes. Free London exhibition


11th March - 10th April 2015


East Wing Galleries, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R1LA

I admit, I’ve struggled writing this post. After putting it off for a few days, I can’t hold this back anymore. Words or no words. The visuals and quotes speak for themselves.

This is probably one of thee most poignant exhibitions I’ve ever attended. It’s a must and If I was head of education in schools, everyone would be taught about what’s really happening in our world.

Some people shrug off sustainability and recycling as being ‘Hippie’ and that ‘It’s not effecting us’ This incredible exhibition highlights and showcases that it is happening to us and it’s happening to us now. And we need to do something about it.

The photos of this exhibition take you through cultural journeys all over the world: touching upon human rights, worker rights, recycling, sustainability and water. Please, I urge you to go and visit. It’s outstanding how much indelible information is packed into such a slight exhibition. It’s free and it’s real.

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