Somerset House Beard Exhibition


Beard; Free London fashion exhibition


5th-29th March 2015


Terrace Rooms, South Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R1LA

"Somerset House presents a series of portraits by photographer Mr Elbank in which all of the subjects sport a beard.  Featuring over 80 images exhibited for the first time and exploring the art of grooming"

The photographs from Mr Elbank were first seen on Instagram under the #Project60 hashtag. Mr Elbank and Skin cancer awareness promoter Jimmy Niggles have combined forces to raise awareness of skin cancer in men; through these outstanding photographs.

It was lovely to watch people taking each photo in. Photos are such a great art form and can communicate so much by saying so little. Each person brought their own personality to their portrait and it was like taking a glimpse into someones life, through their expressive pictures.

As with any great exhibition there was a vast selection of beard related memorabilia available from the Somerset House Bookshop: books on beards, grooming, fiction, art. As well as posters and postcards to take away.

It's a short exhibition of around 45 minutes, well worth a look if you're interested in styling or creative study. You'll be surprised how captivating these images are.

For more information click here.

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