The 'In Store' Experience

Since my first retail orientation trip to London, for university I've been captivated by the world of retail. I've had jobs in retail, in small independent boutiques who've taught me lots about  how they've made do and mended their visual merchandising props season after season due to tight budgets and lack of inspiration or expertise.

Seeing what the 'Big Boys' of retail do to attract people into their stores to buy their clothing, shoes and accessories really grabs my interest and shows the other side of the story from small independent retailers. Since that first orientation trip, I've wanted to learn more, develop my skills, so that I can share my experiences back home over the summer with those same boutiques that helped me start learning in the first place; Giving something back.

As some of you may or may not know, I live in an International student's flat at University (Despite being a BA student; I'm a grown up!) It's amazing having cultural differences and language barriers as these things highlight the differences between the border of our continents.  I've been amazed to learn that shops here are different to those in China or Taiwan and that in America customer service is above and beyond anything you'll ever experience in the UK, much to my American flat mates disapproval!  Until I moved into the flat I had no idea that 'Real life England' wasn't showcased on the internet and only the glossy skylines of our capitol, London were widely available on the WWW.

All this information about shopping habits and retail has sparked a new series I'm going to run on the blog titled 'In Store' I'll be going on trips to major towns and cities, taking photos of stores, in stores and brands and showcasing their offerings to you. Be you a fan of shopping, looking for some inspiration or a potential international dweller looking for a real taste of what the UK is like, this series will be for you!

I'm going to be taking candid photos, checking out their visuals, customer service and product offering to create fashion, beauty and lifestyle orientated blog posts that are multi angled. The posts will be a cross of: fashion marketing research and a nosy woman who loves to window shop pretty, enticing things.

If you have any suggestions of where you would like me to visit or you too have something you would like to share, please leave a link in the comments below.

In Store starts tomorrow with Whistles, Covent Garden, London.

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