Uni's Easter Charity Bake Sale

University decided that to celebrate Easter Fashion Management and Marketing students (i.e me and my classmates) would ‘Bake and bond’ with some of our classmates and hold a bake sale to raise money for charity. 

Being in a dynamic, fun loving, creative group; we went all out with some delicious Easter themed cupcakes, chocolate cluster spring cakes and of course decorated our stand with all things Easter: Balloons, confetti and mini fluffy chicks.

The vanilla cupcakes are a great little Easter addition. Small, light and fluffy, we topped these cupcakes with yellow icing and confetti sprinkles in yellow and white, completing each cake with a little fluffy chick. They’re too cute! And sold super quickly!

Reminiscing with childhood memories, we loved putting together the super simple Easter cluster chocolaty things (What is their actual name!?) decorating them with splashes of yellow icing and topped with a mini chocolate egg, these really are the epitome of cooking in nursery school.

The bake sale went well; the hard work paid off!

Are you making something special this easter?

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