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Commuting to London

For the next few weeks I'm commuting to London for uni. My flat lease is up and I'm not renewing because:

1) London is expensive 
2) I really can't afford it and 
3) I don't know what I'm doing for summer yet. 

I'm keeping my options open. Smart. I'll figure out where i'm living post September at a later date. So for the time being I'm back living with mum and dad. (Ahhhhh!)

Oliviers Awards 2015 & Individualism

This post was written on Sunday evening.

Tonight is the Oliviers in London. I know this because I walked straight into the 'Closed off' area, very much similar to what I did when the Royal Opera House was hosting the BAFTAS earlier this year. I must grab a hold of the London social calendar or check the transport for London emails they send me on a Thursday, periodically.

Books I'm Currently Reading

I'm currently reading: 

The Teen Vogue Handbook (Issue 1)
Twilight Eclipse, Stephanie Meyer
Skinny Bitch, Freedman and Barmouin
Leadership and Self-Deception, The Arbinger Institute

Weekly Edit April: Two

With the silky white paint finally dry, I could move back into my teenage bedroom, post uni move. There is something so incredibly satisfying about a completed, solo diy project that makes living in said space, a whole lot better. 

Moving my life into a space I used to permanently occupy was different in many ways; I've really grown as a person since moving to university and I'm now a fully fledged adult and my summer space needs to reflect and encourage this. I've cleaned my own toilet, done the weekly shop and decorated my own place to make it 'Mine' and there's no going back from that real world, life. 

A Lazy Weekend

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some real, quality time with a friend I don't manage to see too often. Being Easter weekend, places were closed, the Internet was lagging because everyone had nothing better to do than watch youtube, click refresh on buzzfeed and generally layabout whilst surfing the good old www.

Weekly Edit April: Two

This week was a jam packed week of commuting, reading, uni and hitting the gym and it was one awesome week. Despite being quite literally here- there and everywhere, I kept my cool, didn't miss any trains and managed to be at the right place and the right time and in one piece. Hurrah!

Back at Home Musings

I’ve been home for a week. My boxes of belongings are everywhere, my brain is exhausted but I’m home and it’s nice. This week has been busy, to say the least. Friday to Sunday I revelled in the luxuries of home in comparison to the cramped, student lifestyle of inner city London: baths, unlimited food and fresh, crisp country air. It’s not until you remove yourself from the city that you actually remember that there is life outside London, all be it a very different one. Monday through Friday was a haze of freelancing, meetings and seeing friends. 

Anthropologie S/S 15

Anthropologie: Bright, breezy and a pleasure to shop in.

Never has there been a flagship store that has so much roaming room, with a vast selection of: clothing, books, accessories and homeware so neatly and thoughtfully displayed, in areas dependent on: taste, style, season or colour.

Anthropologie is like the perfect party invite; so neatly arranged and thoughtfully executed that you simply can’t say no. Their windows invite you into their lifestyle with their creative, blurred lines approach to window displays. A mix of art and product, Anthropologie take you from idea to creation all with one glance.