A Lazy Weekend

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some real, quality time with a friend I don't manage to see too often. Being Easter weekend, places were closed, the Internet was lagging because everyone had nothing better to do than watch youtube, click refresh on buzzfeed and generally layabout whilst surfing the good old www.

With my friend A back in town, I decided to head to his for a few days to veg out, watch t.v and switch off from Uni, tech and the outside world. Sometimes, it's just lovely to step away from the world, switch off and enjoy time with the awesome people in your life and that's exactly what I did.

Walking to A's in the sunshine was pure bliss, now accustomed to the grey, dark tones of the London skyline; I was positively impressed that the sun, does indeed occasionally shine in the UK. Breathing in fresh air and seeing some green does wonders to perk up the mood.

Once deeply embedded in A's sofa in my pyjamas, we spent the day drinking coffee, catching up and watching back to back episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum. We walked the dog, failed at making popcorn, (Sorry A's mum, for ruining your lovely kitchen!) failed at making pancakes. Scouted out the one place open to buy a pizza. The pizza was amaze.

Taking just a few days out showed me how exhausting moving flat was and my body definitely needed the rest. Uni is exhausting, even when you're busy doing nothing and last weekend highlighted to me that we really should take better care of ourselves by eating, sleeping and taking down time.

A lazy weekend may not be a weekend doing nothing, you could catch up on some reading, some light DIY project or some art hobbies. I suppose in a way a lazy day is the same as 'Me Time'; doing what you want, when you want it. Now, in our tech driven world, it's hard to halt the carousel that is life, to take a few moments to refresh and breathe.

So if you're feeling tired or a little worse for wear, take a few days to re-couporate, see friends and eat good food (I'd recommend something a little more healthy than my choices. See inspiration here.) Look after yourself and never feel like you've got so much on that you can't have down time or a lazy weekend here or there.

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend whatever you're choosing to do.

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