Back at Home Musings

I’ve been home for a week. My boxes of belongings are everywhere, my brain is exhausted but I’m home and it’s nice. This week has been busy, to say the least. Friday to Sunday I revelled in the luxuries of home in comparison to the cramped, student lifestyle of inner city London: baths, unlimited food and fresh, crisp country air. It’s not until you remove yourself from the city that you actually remember that there is life outside London, all be it a very different one. Monday through Friday was a haze of freelancing, meetings and seeing friends. 

Boxes have been moved to one side for the moment, their place replaced with paint. I’m home for the summer and I’ve had the taste of my own space and my own freedom and that, along with the boxes has come home with me. I’m re-decorating my bedroom, to really make it mine. It was mine before, but now I feel like a new, better version of me; Chloe 2:0 if you like. I’ve been updated. (Most uni students feel like this, right?)

Blogging this week unfortunately has had to take a backseat. I’ve literally got my hands full and haven’t a lot to say. (This is rare, make the most of it!)

So here are some musings from my first week back at home:

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