Commuting to London

For the next few weeks I'm commuting to London for uni. My flat lease is up and I'm not renewing because:

1) London is expensive 
2) I really can't afford it and 
3) I don't know what I'm doing for summer yet. 

I'm keeping my options open. Smart. I'll figure out where i'm living post September at a later date. So for the time being I'm back living with mum and dad. (Ahhhhh!)

The next three weeks involve a lot of to-ing and frow-ing until the end of my first year at uni; multiple journeys, an abundance of connecting trains and ultimately a lot of travel time on my hands. One of the positives of commuting right now, is that it's going to save me a S*** load of money. Yes. Despite the serious commitment to university and travel, the journeys allow me to focus on things  without being distracted by the daily mail, buzz feed and the never updated Facebook feed we're all sadly addicted to. It's nice to switch off and disconnect (I talk about this more in my recent post 'Lazy Weekend') So long as I'm occupied, by a good book or a couple of blog posts on my 'To Write' list, I'm all good. I'm happy. It's when I do nothing that I get restless, feel sick and hate long distance commuting or travelling. My only exception to this is flying, I love. To. Fly.  
For now though, I'm strategically planning where I can pee for free (London stations are a no go) Where the good vegan food places are and how little make up I can carry yet still make my face look 'Together' Having to minimise my life into a backpack or at a push, a small suitcase is an effort. I'm still going to be hitting the gym at uni so I need my gym kit, then there's Pyjamas; I can't just run around my friends flat naked now, although that would make my baggage lighter. Haha. 

It'll be an experience and a true test of character, this commuting malarkey. At least I'll be getting the best of both world: University and the comfort of home and It's not like it's forever.
Do you commute and if so do you have any tips on how to survive the bustle? 

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