Oliviers Awards 2015 & Individualism

This post was written on Sunday evening.

Tonight is the Oliviers in London. I know this because I walked straight into the 'Closed off' area, very much similar to what I did when the Royal Opera House was hosting the BAFTAS earlier this year. I must grab a hold of the London social calendar or check the transport for London emails they send me on a Thursday, periodically.

I was hanging about, killing time in the Covent Garden / Holborn area of London (Kingsway, Pret if you want specifics) and I noticed just how many people were in black tie for the event. Obviously, London is rife with soirees of all scales; but each time a televised event hits town, people are like beacons of display, scattered all across the city. Being so close to the event, dresses went passed in droves and men in tuxs strolled on by and it got me thinking. Tonight you could wander around Covent Garden and anyone in a tux or with an official badge on, you know is a part of the theatre world or the arts, they're a part of the inner workings of the things we 'Norms' just see the finished product of.

It's not often that we're able to immediately identify people by there clothing; despite trying endlessly to no avail on the tube ( *inner monologue * ooo he's a cutie; girlfriend / no girlfriend / girlfriend?... Oh, there's his boyfriend holding his hand...) We wonder what they eat, where they work and in the run up to election, who they'll be voting for.

On occasion the 'baby on board' sticker makes an appearance but other than that, it's just a guessing game; for God forbid you start a conversation on public transport to learn about someone!

It's great that personal style doesn't necessarily label you as to what you do for your day job. Obviously some are a tell tell sign: uniform, suits in the business district or the accessory of a mop and bucket in a hotel lobby.

Isn't it awesome that our clothes can define who we are as a person now as appose to ten/ twenty years ago when you had to be a direct representation of the brand or corporation you work for? You really can be anonymous or be a showstopper. Set yourself free from the daily grind of a uniform. Dress to fit in or stand out. It's your choice and choice is a wonderful thing.
Although fashion forefronts trends to the masses, through the media. Not everyone follows the 'fashion rules ' of the season. Street style, location and lifestyle influence what we wear and we all end up being totally unique if we allow ourselves to be and feel comfortable doing so. It's all about that confidence baby.

I suppose I've now lead myself into the great fashion debate of: YOU ARE A BRAND, YOU MUST ALSO REPRESENT YOUR DEGREE/ JOB/ SIGNIFICANT OTHER. But that's for another day...

The more I study fashion, the more I question it, doubt it and analyse it, which is great for my degree but sore for my brain. And I dare say such ramblings and semi conclusive offerings will grace the pages of this WWW. Until then, congratulations to all involved in the Oliviers you looked great and bought further sunshine to London ( the weather held out!) and to everyone; keep up the individualism and always be you!

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