Weekly Edit April: Two

With the silky white paint finally dry, I could move back into my teenage bedroom, post uni move. There is something so incredibly satisfying about a completed, solo diy project that makes living in said space, a whole lot better. 

Moving my life into a space I used to permanently occupy was different in many ways; I've really grown as a person since moving to university and I'm now a fully fledged adult and my summer space needs to reflect and encourage this. I've cleaned my own toilet, done the weekly shop and decorated my own place to make it 'Mine' and there's no going back from that real world, life. 

(So no make up, paint selfies are now a thing.)

Unpacking was messy, to say the least. The recycling bin is overflowing and I've got a minimum of another wheelie bins worth. I'm so pro recycling, its unreal. I've also managed to donate over 60 items of clothing, shoes and accessories in the move out/ move back in process. 

Another thing about being back at home home is the food. I'm not making all my own food all the time anymore, which I must say, I don't like. I'd much rather do my own thing. Perhaps this thinking has been spurred on by my health kick. I'm currently reading 'Skinny Bitch' which is all about what gets pumped into our food as well as what is healthy and nutritious. Being allergic to everything other than air (slight exaggeration) I've got used to eating certain things in replacement of others and now I'm on my further health kick (see pictures here) of not eating anything processed or with sugar in, I'm going to become difficult to accommodate, so perhaps I'll get back into the kitchen making my own meals, on my own terms.

Having my own space and food now almost sorted ( I still need more green ikea plants and some more almond butter) I can focus on all the other s*** going on: not having a job, not having an internship and not knowing exactly what I want and when I want it. Don't get me wrong, I know which direction I'm going in (digital media) but I'm a planner and I love a solid plan. Flaking about or winging it, is simply not my style and of course there's all the other stuff that comes with being an adult: bills, tax and politics (info on voting here

Two things I'm glad about are that I'm back reading more (see reading list) and watching a lot more movies, which makes me happy and fulfilled both creatively and informatively. I watched 'What if' with Daniel Radcliffe in it, it's a real heartwarming rom com, a feel good-er.

Other things I'm loving is/ are; the current April British weather, it's lush. The amazing effortlessness (is that a word?) I experience each and every day using the ikea Alex drawers is awesome. Love. So. Much. 

Internet wise I've been really enjoying Louise Pentland's aka Sprinkle Of Glitter daily thanks on facebook, Louise is recommending people to share their daily happiness and thankfulness notes on her facebook page, it's simply lovely and feel goody.

This turned into a little ramble, didn't it. I think that's about it for this week (Come to think of it, it probably isn't.) But anyway! Next week I'm back at uni so commuting is totally going to be OMG stressful, but hey! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 

I hope you've had a great week and I wish you all an awesome week ahead! Keep smiling and striving forward.

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