Blogging: Brand Spam & Loss Of Creativity

Emails drop into my inbox on a daily basis selling and saying the same things. Both my personal and professional inboxes are flooded with bulk sent, impersonal content that's just straight up boring.

We visit the same websites, watch the same people and always tend to see the same content, no matter the platform from both brands and bloggers. Blogger collaborations, own blogger brands and endorsements are everywhere and I've got to the point where I'm sick of seeing it.

The internet seems to be loosing it's creative, independent, personal edge and It's driving me crazy.

Sponsored content is now the main driver of blogging and YouTubing income and although I totally appreciate that you need to be paid to live, I can't help but feel that more and more internet people are partnering with brands just for the sake of the money.

In the three years I've been blogging I've never accepted a paid advertorial that didn't fit my space on the internet. I've been offered really weird deals, like the time someone wanted me to do a sponsored post about a bed shop in America and how amazing their mattresses are. Like, really!? and the time someone wanted me to go take photos at a train station for money. People can be really weird. Brands can be really weird.

So with this in mind. I'd like to remind both my readers and brands looking to work with me that I will only ever partner with those I truly believe will benefit my readers, my internet friends and actually those I think my audience will actually like the product.

Please do not send bulk mail shots, un-addressed emails or affiliate proposals that do not fit me or the Hello I'm Clo blog. I'm a lovely person and try to always reply to emails, even if I'm not interested but It's becoming tiring replying to straight up ridiculous requests and I'll tell you now, I'm done replying to spam.

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