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Travel: A Week In Rome

Art; culture, architecture and history filled our week long holiday in Rome, from independent artists to the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum to the fallen ruins of the ancient city, here, is our week in Rome.

Day 1 Travelling

The first day was a full day of travelling. We started in Birmingham, UK travelling to Central Rome, Italy. Trains, planes and plenty of walking later we arrived at our well located home, Hotel Hiberia.

Day 2 Altare Della Patria / Pantheon / Trevi Fountain

Rome, Italy

Brain Dump 02

Bound for a haircut and countless errands to run, I headed into my local town centre to tick a few things off my bullet journal list. Walking in the sunshine was a refreshing change. The light breeze, happy glow on everything and the fact I didn't need to wear a ski jacket, hat, scarf and gloves was a pleasant change. Spending so much time on busses and trains often leaves me oblivious to how nice just simply walking is. It's nice to not be in a rush and be able to breathe normally rather than 'OMG OMG my connecting train is in 1 minutes time MUST GET TO PLATFORM RUUUUUUN.'

Shopping, browsing and picking up MORE homeware from you guessed it, tiger and this time M&S added to our ever expanding 'home stuff' and made me give myself a massive pat on the back because yeah, I have latte spoons to accompany my very grown up latte glasses. #Goals. I even got those little cocktail sticks that you can pop a chunk of cheese on. Those li'l life essentials.

The Hive Library, Worcester, Worcester, UK

Travel: Ara Pacis Museum, Rome

The Ara Pacis is one of the greatest examples of classic art. The Alter to peace is a very historic piece within Roman history and has been moved to its current location for preservation. Its home is within  the new eclectic art space by architect Richard Meier.
Ara Pacis Musum, Lungotevere in Augusta, 00186 Roma, Italy

Brain Dump 01

My thoughts on life and a little bit of what I've been up-to recently...

When I find myself in a creative rut, I like to change things up a little, to have a fresh and new perspective in a fresh and new space. I've always loved changing my room around, moving the furniture or creating a display of all my current favourite frames, collages and plants and caught feeling a little bland and boring, a Spring clean was in order for my little home studio. Hoover and polish at the ready I spent my Sunday off sorting and cleaning my little pad. It doesn't matter how many times I buy cute Muji storage, sort my Ikea Alex or de-clutter my wardrobe, I always question why and how I accumulate so much 'stuff'! So after another huge sort out I've decided I'm really going to be jumping on the 'Tidy life, tidy mind' train to go full speed ahead into my third year of university (Ahhh!)

Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Travel: Sculpture At The Vatican, Rome

The Sculpture in the Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy are as extensive as it's rich and fruitful art collection. Corridors, galleries and gardens are highly decorated with sculptures, mainly from the Roman empire period depicting famous faces of the time:  rulers, fighters, Gods and Goddesses.

Viale Vaticano, 00165 Roma, Italy

Rome: Art At The Vatican

Following on from Monday's post about the Vatican Museum, here are a selection of photographs of the Art they have on display within the art galleries of the Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Rome.

The Vatican Museum has one of the richest collections of religious art in the form of murals and paintings. As it's a religious institute, there is an extensive collection of Catholic Art depicting Bible scenes, Bible interpretations as well as religious influences throughout the ages.

Tall rooms, filled with art: colour, texture and calmness allow you to appreciate and take in the messages within the art. The gallery rooms are quieter than other areas of the Vatican Museum due to less tour groups going through the smaller spaces.

Viale Vaticano, 00165 Roma, Italy

Rome: The Vatican Museum

The Vatican was one of the best bits of our trip to Rome. The Vatican is a must visit destination in Rome. The art, architecture, sculpture and space is so interesting and captivating. It's also worth mentioning that you don't need to be religious to visit the Vatican city. Whilst there are many pilgrims, religious trips and many worshipers within the space, it's not an exclusive attraction.

As it is such a popular destination I'd advise you pre book online before your trip because the queues for tickets and to get into the Vatican museum are huge! You can pre-book tickets to the vatican here.
With your ticket you get access to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel (No pictures are allowed within the Chapel, but totally worth a visit.) You can get a special discount on your ticket if you're a student (so long as you have ID) or under the age of 18. 

Viale Vaticano, 00165 Roma, Italy

Blogging: Getting Back On My Blogspot

Hello! It's Clo! 

There are some exciting changes coming to Hello I'm Clo over the next few weeks. As you may have already seen, the blog has a nice and clean new layout thanks to Kathe Creative over on Etsy (See her stuff here) and everything is having a spring clean.

The content on this blog will also be changing; nothing too drastic but with so many blogs and bloggers in the blogger-sphere I'd quite like to create content thats specific and unique to me, my interests and the lifestyle I lead. Culture and lifestyle will be lead topics with: travel, food and fashion also featuring.

Beautiful spring flowers in the grounds of The National Trust's Gibside, Newcastle.

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Travel: 48 Hours in Dublin


After our week away in Rome, Italy Adam and I flew back to London for a stop over, then flew out to Dublin, Ireland in a borderline comatose state. The flight back to London was delayed by 4 hours, we paid £10 for a 30 second taxi journey (we could actually see our final destination ) and i obviously through an angry hissy fit at 3 in the morning hissy fit. So despite our best efforts (a mega McDonald's breakfast at Gatwick) and after my cabin bag got pulled because I, like a muppet did not put my creams in my liquids bag. NOT COOL PEOPLE, HELD UP THE QUEUE AND EVERYONE JUDGED ME, the two of us slothed it onto the plane for the 45 min flight with Ryan air, that was also delayed. FML. It was a nightmare.

Dublin, Ireland