Blogging: Getting Back On My Blogspot

Hello! It's Clo! 

There are some exciting changes coming to Hello I'm Clo over the next few weeks. As you may have already seen, the blog has a nice and clean new layout thanks to Kathe Creative over on Etsy (See her stuff here) and everything is having a spring clean.

The content on this blog will also be changing; nothing too drastic but with so many blogs and bloggers in the blogger-sphere I'd quite like to create content thats specific and unique to me, my interests and the lifestyle I lead. Culture and lifestyle will be lead topics with: travel, food and fashion also featuring.

Beautiful spring flowers in the grounds of The National Trust's Gibside, Newcastle.

I've taken real pride in putting the pieces of this blog together and I hope you enjoy the new look, feel and content of this blog! It's been nice to have a project to work on away from university and work, where I can flex my thoughts and creativity, long may it continue!

If you have any suggestions or pieces of feedback, please do pop them in the comments below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Finally, I've got my blogspot back on track!

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