Travel: Ara Pacis Museum, Rome

The Ara Pacis is one of the greatest examples of classic art. The Alter to peace is a very historic piece within Roman history and has been moved to its current location for preservation. Its home is within  the new eclectic art space by architect Richard Meier.

The Ara Pacis is a tiny exhibition within a light filled space that's precise and clean. Architecture students within the EU can gain entrance to the museum free of charge. Both Adam and I being art students gained free entry and we would honestly have felt cheated if we'd have paid the entrance fee as the exhibition is very small and in no way worth the entrance fee which is between 8-16 Euro.

Whilst the Ara Pacis is incredible, with a wonderful history intertwining Romans with Gods and to the people of present day Rome, you can do the whole exhibition within 1/2 an hour.

Architects and art enthusiasts, the building is beautiful. A work of art within itself. It's a lovely place to sit outside and relax by the fountain in the sunshine. You can even see the actual Ara Pacis from the side glass window.

One of the holes created in the Ara Pacis to transport it to it's current location.

There are several art exhibitions on rotation within the building throughout the year, but these are at an additional cost to the entrance to the Ara Pacis.

Have you been to the Ara Pacis? I'd love to know your thoughts on the building, the exhibition and your overall experience- pop your comments in the box below!

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