Rome: Art At The Vatican

Following on from Monday's post about the Vatican Museum, here are a selection of photographs of the Art they have on display within the art galleries of the Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Rome.

The Vatican Museum has one of the richest collections of religious art in the form of murals and paintings. As it's a religious institute, there is an extensive collection of Catholic Art depicting Bible scenes, Bible interpretations as well as religious influences throughout the ages.

Tall rooms, filled with art: colour, texture and calmness allow you to appreciate and take in the messages within the art. The gallery rooms are quieter than other areas of the Vatican Museum due to less tour groups going through the smaller spaces.

Walls, floors, ceilings and doors decorate the art further, allowing you to be fully immersed into the grandeur of the Vatican.

The art featured is from multiple time periods from around the world. Medieval art, Renaissance art and Modern religious art are abundantly displayed within the 7km of gallery space.

All the smaller pieces are grouped together into 'Rooms' whilst the larger pieces are on walls to adorn the corridors and entrances to rooms.

The most popular piece of art is by far Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. It's an incredible display of talent and craftsmanship. It truly takes your breath away and it's only when your viewing it first hand you realise how huge it is. Unfortunately you're not permitted to take photographs of the Chapel, which is quite nice as it allows you to really concentrate and focus on all the details and the many aspects which make up the high ceiling piece.

Highly decorative ceilings are within most of the Vatican rooms. Displaying Bible scenes and religious events. In some rooms the floor is also used as an art space - so careful where you tread!

In the latter part of the Vatican, there is an increase in the amount of tapestry art. Filling walls floor to ceiling with intricate needle work, featuring the same themes of most of the religious art, in an alternative media from a different era.

Furniture acts as art in The Vatican Museum. This table pattern used the 'Roman' colours and  aesthetic from the city of Rome. Many pieces of furniture are displayed, yet displayed only as art to be observed.

Art is everywhere at the Museum. Keep your eyes peeled because there is just so much to look at, interpret and take in.  All different forms together create an extensive, full collection covering many time periods, eras and stories.

My number one tip is to take your time and allow yourself to thoroughly enjoy what's on offer, it really is a feast for the eyes.

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