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After our week away in Rome, Italy Adam and I flew back to London for a stop over, then flew out to Dublin, Ireland in a borderline comatose state. The flight back to London was delayed by 4 hours, we paid £10 for a 30 second taxi journey (we could actually see our final destination ) and i obviously through an angry hissy fit at 3 in the morning hissy fit. So despite our best efforts (a mega McDonald's breakfast at Gatwick) and after my cabin bag got pulled because I, like a muppet did not put my creams in my liquids bag. NOT COOL PEOPLE, HELD UP THE QUEUE AND EVERYONE JUDGED ME, the two of us slothed it onto the plane for the 45 min flight with Ryan air, that was also delayed. FML. It was a nightmare.

With only 48 hours in Ireland's capitol, Dublin we had little time as it was, without further delays!


Once we finally arrived in the beautiful Greenland of Ireland we headed into the city centre to start our next adventure.

After checking into our apartment (Charles Stewart apartments, not bad but nothing special) on the afternoon we strolled down the Main Street (o'conell street) in the bitter sunshine, then headed over to Temple Bar in search of a pub lunch. There are a plenty of pubs in Ireland, duh, not so many with good vegetarian options. (Any other veggies such of being offered just soup or salad. Blah) but we eventually fulfilled Ad's burger craving and my vegetarian requirements in the form of Bobo's burgers. So many burgers. So many options. Such little time. With more than 5 amazing veggie options (no soup or salad in sight!) and everything from a sustainable source we were sold. Two massive burgers later we were ready to take on Dublin.

We jumped on a red city sightseeing tour bus. It's the best way to cover the city in a short space of time. Whilst I've been to Dublin a few times before, it was Adams first time, so we went all out tourist, on the top of this open air bus, right at the back of this bus like loved up, rebellious teenagers. It was freezing!


Dublin is super busy this year because of the centenary of the Easter rising rebellion in 1916 so lots of the places we would have gone to together were fully booked. So if you're planning to go, book in advance! We'd already booked a few things of our own.

On our first night of being in Dublin we headed over to St Stephens Green to watch a touring production of 39 steps. It was fantastic. So much fun. We laughed so much. The small cast of 4 were superb. If you haven't seen 39 steps, you need to.

Waking up from a bad nights sleep in a very springy bed, we chilled at the apartment until mid morning catching up on those zzzzz, then we ventured to Trinity College, brown Thomas and multiple record and book shops before heading over to Jameson's whiskey distillery on the North side of the River. Having had half a soya hot chocolate and a scone each (aww, how cute, we share. Yeah.) it's safe to say our stomachs were not prepared for whiskey tasting. After the fantastic tour of the old distillery and we'd learnt from our very attentive tour guide the processes involved to make whiskey we went into the tasting room to identify flavours and ages. It went straight to both of our heads and we were definitely drunk after our tasting and then the complimentary whiskey ginger and lime cocktail at 4 in the afternoon. Unfortunately there are pictures of this. Neither of us were 'out of hand' but definitely dazed. That skilled holiday vibe ey? So with this in mind, we head d for a curry at my favourite curry house in Dublin. It was expensive, not going to lie but it was our last holiday hurrah, before going back home. Curry, luckily is very sobering. So when it came time to head to the theatre we were fully 20-20.

Final Evening

On the final evening of our stay we headed to the brilliant Smock Alley Theatre, temple bar to see an America production of Julius Caesar. The smock alley is a brill venue with three theatres within and a little bar. Each theatre space is fully adaptable to each play, so it's never used or looks the same. The production itself was... Interesting. Let's put it that way. Also the character Brutus was played by a girl, that drove us.crazy because non of the pronouns in the script had changed. Don't get me started, then again you can't compare the standard of that against the globe theatre.

The following morning we packed up and were off pretty early for our non delayed flight back to Newcastle and our subsequent taxi back to ad's where the taxi driver talked about making curry non stop and how pointless a korma is. But we all decided peswari was the best narn. And with that we were home.

It was a whirlwind of a trip, we saw and learnt a lot along the way. I'll never again do a stop over flight, or book an 'airport' hotel you can't walk to from the terminal and I will never ever drink whiskey on an empty stomach when my boyfriend is in possession of a camera phone.

Happy days. Happy adventures. Happy memories.

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