Brain Dump 03

Work work work, blah blah blah. Too much to do, not enough time. The usual story. But despite not having a gym membership, work has definitely put me through my paces exercise wise. It was a full on week that also had a trip to London and a uni hand in.

Once my uni hand in was submitted and deadline over I was able to relax. Netflix and chill style. Reading Vogue before bed has helped me switch off, unwind and relaxing my brain and my body, prepping me for a good nights sleep. God I love sleeping.


What sort of a flat does not a possess a can opener!? Ours, until my John Lewis mooching mid-week in their snazzy new jazzy lifestyle store in Birmingham's grand central station. I'm glad I've ticked that off the list, after all; you can't have coffee specific 'latte spoons' and not have a friggin' can opener.


Blood donation was penned into my mid week diary and boy does time really fly between sessions. There's something so humbling about giving blood. It's such a fantastic thing to do and simply put, can save a life. It doesn't take long and you get free mini cheddars and a club bar for after, just sayin' (Click here to read more about blood donation.)

The following day I headed off to London for my third year induction at uni. I paid through the nose for semi warm coffee in high holborn, had a little browse in H&M strand and Topshops 'Ivy Park' collection, which tbh I just don't get. Like, good move Philip Green, we all know celebrity sells but just whaking the words 'ivy park' on everything is just a cheaper version of Calvin Kleins' and a more expensive version of everyday basic: leggings, vests, headbands. I just don't get, I'm out.

Talking of fashion... Fashion is so different in the Capital. People are so en-fleek. Be it well put together or super outlandish, Londoners do fashion like no other city. As soon as I got off the train, the amount of street style bait on the streets was crazy. People candidly going about their day in the best pieces and cracking outfits. London is my fashion fuel.

Uni was good (Better that the day's cold coffee start.) It's nice to know what's in store for my final year, so I can get my geek on during the summer (I've already booked out a fair few books) so I'm prepped and ready to get going. After the lecture we even managed to grab a few drinks before everyone went their separate ways for the start of the summer! Let the fun commence.

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