Travel: Long Haul Flight to Florida

Hello! Hot sunny greetings from Florida, USA.

I write at 7am in a dark motel trying not to wake my dad in the bed next to me (he's trying to get on the right time zone) whilst I get ice and Minute Maid and write to myself about my trip because it's so amaze balls that I may get over excited, overwhelmed and forget to write about all the good bits and the funny stuff that happens.


Our journey started at 4 am leaving home to head for Manchester airport (where direct flights to Florida fly from) after struggling to get into the machine manned car park we had arrived, with plenty of time to get to departures at terminal 2, check in with Virgin, get through security, have a cheeky cafe Nero and waffles before our 9 hour flight at 10:30am. We could see your double decker plane being prepped from the gates window. The first thing about the plane is that, it is HUGE. 500 passengers huge. Three rows of 3 people across and so so so many rows before you hit the back of the plane. We traveled on a Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet and wow was that a smooth ride. You'd expect something so big to struggle to get in the air and bang it's way back to the ground but honestly, I've had more bumpy bus rides. We did experience a little turbulence somewhere over Canada but what's a long haul without turbulence, really?

If you've read my long haul flight tips (they're great for not forgetting to pack things) you'll know what i packed in my hand luggage to keep me entertained. But the on board entertainment by movie system 'vera' was so good I didn't get an awful lot else done! During my nine hour flight I watched 'How to be single' 'Joy' and 'Sisters' had a snooze, two meals and admired the view below and before I knew it, time was up. I managed a movie food, movie, sleep, movie, food, looking out the window, land.

Th virgin crew were really attentive, efficient and hands down have thee best cabin crew uniform ever. I felt like i was in THAT advert first hand. Super friendly and helpful crew.

The on board food was legit the best plane food I've ever had. Whilst there was only one veggie option (no began option) I couldn't really
Complain considering we were up at 35,000 ft. The food was delicious. I had a veggie soy pasta bake with salad and a bread roll, crackers and a GU chocolate pot that was just dreamy. I had a cheeky bottle of white wine (a mini one I'll add) as my last alcoholic beverage before I became 'underage' in America ( 5 months till I'm 21!!!)

The second meal was the 'snack' of Tyrell's crisps, a mozzarella and pesto wrap with a chocolate biscuit, it reminded me of my packed lunches as a kid, you had a choice of chicken or cheese wrap, the pesto was so good, I'll definitely be having that one on the way back.

After the final meal had been cleared away there wasn't much time before the plane was preparing to land. After a flight that did not feel like 9 hours, We'd arrived in orange country and the adventure had begun...

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