Travel: What's in my Long Haul Hand Luggage?

Next week I head off to Florida with my dad for a Disney goes wild extravaganza. Two weeks of chilling in the sun, being big kids and taking a well deserved break from that UK life.

I've got a history of expensive excess luggage fines ( I was nearly double over the weight when I came back from New York.) but after those two weeks in Rome and Dublin with just a carry on, I feel like the times are a-changing and I'm hell bent on continuing this, I'm traveling light. I'm traveling right.

I'm taking my ski suitcase for the hold , taking my trip cabin suitcase and a backpack as hand luggage. The plan being; pack as light as possible, as let's face it, the dollar to pound conversion is just so appealing on every piece of clothing/ shoes / make up I'm currently coveting. There's every chance I'll have a fashion/ beauty / mikey mouse theme splurge whilst out in the U S of A. Oh that consumerism.

When I fly out my cabin suitcase will just house a few light items I might need at the other end immediately: prescription sunglasses, a hat and a swimsuit (just in case by some horrific tragedy, baggage goes missing or has issues) and that's about it. I'm really taking it as excess free baggage in case of major splurge. Talk about predicting the future.

My hand luggage for use during the flight is all n this cute light denim backpack from H&M. It's the perfect 'not too small, not too big size' and will fit all my in flight and document essentials in and leaves room for plenty of leg room.

Here are some of my in flight essentials:

On an 8 hour flight earphones are an absolute must. I'm fly with Virgin and rumour has it they've got a pretty fly entertainment system. Winning.

Spotify Download
Being 30,000 ft up in the air and no guarantee of in flight wifi. I'll pre-download my tunes so I'm not short of music to pass the time.

A Book
For when I can look at a screen no more or need to unwind before a little in air snooze, I'll have my book. On holiday I like to read really easy series reads, it's currently a toss up between twilight and Harry Potter. Those decisions.

Eye mask & ear plugs
Whilst I'm not doing an overnight flight ( I am on the way back though,) I always carry my eye mask just in case I want or need to sleep. The same applies for ear plugs, sometimes earphones don't drown out enough 'people' or 'plane' sound for sleeping.

Lip balm
I'm not one of those people that takes an entire spa onboard the plane. I fly with no make up but a nice and rich moisturiser applied to my face and neck the morning I fly, along with some clear mascara. Chapped lips are a-given being so high up for such a long period of time, so a Chapstick keeps lips nice and hydrated.

Passport and travel documents
It goes without saying that you need these, otherwise you're going a big fat boy nowhere.

Truth be told I can't see an awful lot distance wise without my glasses. Without them I would know idea which terminal I'm in or what gate to go to. They're glued to my face when I have places to be!

I've recently picked up a portable charger that's the handy size of a credit card. It's super convenient and you can use it in flight as a charge point.

Bullet journal & Pens
As non-tech as this sounds, I can't write notes without a pen and paper. I'm so much better at expressing my thoughts and ideas through own than typed into a piece of tech. I'm also one of those people that get an idea or remember a 'to do' item when I'm away from my bullet journal. For this reason, the bullet journal has made it to the hand luggage along with a few fancy fine liners for some cute highlighting. Cute.

Day to day I carry a little black case in my handbag that had all my day to day stuff in: Hand sanitiser / Chewing gum /Tissues chances are if I new these everyday at home, I'm going to need them in holiday.

Don't forget to double and triple check your flight carriers baggage restrictions and dimensions before you head to the airport and remember not to carry more than 100ml of each cream/ lotion/ make up /liquid. I now pack mine in a see through bag in order to not hold up the queue at security.

And that's the it folks! Question is have I missed anything? Let me know if I have and what you take in your hand luggage ( we're all curious) you can see more of my trip as it unravels by becoming internet friends by following my social media ! Until then, as the Americans say. Later y'all.

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