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About Me: Take One

About Me

Hello I'm Chloe Tomalin, but everyone calls me Clo. I'm a 2nd year Fashion Management and Marketing student from Birmingham (No, I don't have the accent.) in London (No, I don't have that one either.) with a thirst for visuals, sustainable fashion and strong black coffee.

A fully trained and qualified make up artist (MUA), the original plan was to go into beauty marketing, that was before I discovered my passion for fashion retail, styling and visuals. I detoured and I'm now on track to become a visual merchandiser after graduation, with my dream job being in International store expansion. That's the goal.

I currently work for H&M in their underwear and accessories department. I love H&M and I love my job. (Inserts generic 'I do not represent the company sentence' here. Blah, blah, blah)

When I'm not at uni or work I'm forever seeking out something new to try, visit and do. I never sit still, but when I do, I've got my head in a big book. When at home I can be found watching GIRLS, PLL or Big Bang Theory but there's nothing I relish more than cooking up a vegetarian storm in the kitchen or hosting the ultimate bake-off with my boyfriend, Adam.

The Blog

A Post Holiday Detox

A Post Holiday Detox is basically a holiday from the holiday, that's much needed after a week or more away, to ease into 'real life' back to the daily grind of 9-5.

When I got back from my last trip I was exhausted. I never realised having fun took up so much energy. Ad and I toured Rome and Dublin on foot for two weeks without any breaks, so when we'd got home, washed off that train plane smell and put all of our clothes in the wash (that dreaded post holiday wash) we focused on getting re-balanced and re-acquainted with our schedules.

First and foremost, once we'd been dropped off my our Gordie driver who talked curry for the whole duration of our drive home, I refused to take the suitcase upstairs and instead bundled the whole lot into the washer. Unpacking is legit the worst part of a holiday come down, so I always get it out the way as soon as I walk through the door. Me being a smarty pants threw my monochrome outfits into one black load in and one white, talk about pre planning the post holiday wash before I even left for the holiday in the first place!