A Post Holiday Detox

A Post Holiday Detox is basically a holiday from the holiday, that's much needed after a week or more away, to ease into 'real life' back to the daily grind of 9-5.

When I got back from my last trip I was exhausted. I never realised having fun took up so much energy. Ad and I toured Rome and Dublin on foot for two weeks without any breaks, so when we'd got home, washed off that train plane smell and put all of our clothes in the wash (that dreaded post holiday wash) we focused on getting re-balanced and re-acquainted with our schedules.

First and foremost, once we'd been dropped off my our Gordie driver who talked curry for the whole duration of our drive home, I refused to take the suitcase upstairs and instead bundled the whole lot into the washer. Unpacking is legit the worst part of a holiday come down, so I always get it out the way as soon as I walk through the door. Me being a smarty pants threw my monochrome outfits into one black load in and one white, talk about pre planning the post holiday wash before I even left for the holiday in the first place!

In terms of food the infrequent eating habits of holiday had caught up with us and in my case, my very tight Levis. The rich foods and carbs carbs carbs of Italy had made me crave fresh and unflavoured vegetables and I just wanted a good balance of three meals a day rather than a 'beat the buffet' breakfast that lasted until dinner and snacking on foods I wouldn't eat when at home. It's true that you can have too much of a good thing. And with that It's fair to say we definitely didn't want Italian when we went out for family dinner!

If you guys have ever done a detox or a food change you'll know what i felt like; feeling yuck and totally out of sorts as my body figured itself out. A few days at home and back to my healthy eating plan, with 7 a day back down me and no pizza bases in sight I was back on top form, seriously helped by my homemade cake and delicious home stews.

Re-balanced and in clothes other than the 7 day duplicate monochrome style outfits I'd packed in my carry on I started to feel refreshed from the feeling of traveling. Whilst packing matchy matchy clothes is great when you're away, I couldn't wait to throw on some print and easy breezy comfy culottes in some outrageous colour to add some zest back into my clothing!

Getting back into the swing of things involved turning on data roaming and connecting to wifi to catch up on Internet life that we'd semi withdrawn from whilst away ( hotel wifi was our daily limit ) it was so great to be comfy at home taking some time to call family, read emails, open post, pay bills and go through all 3,000 holiday photos.
I know. We're camera maniacs.

So with all that out of the way, we were able to rest up after the crazy hectic jaunt back and let our bodies relax from the Italian art of 'doing nothing'

I'd highly recommend a post holiday detox and I'll definitely be re-reading my own advice when I come from my next jolly abroad, which reminds me, I better pack...

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