Birmingham Royal Ballet : Shakespeare Triple Bill

A week ago Ad and I attended the opening night of the Birmingham Royal Ballet's Shakespeare Triple Bill at the Birmingham Hippodrome. 

Pre ballet 

We made quite the afternoon of it, browsing the shops, then having an early dinner at a quaint restaurant where they served up a flavoursome quinoa treat, but I'll talk more about that tomorrow (click here) once out tummies were full we headed over to the Hippodrome, being early we perused their up and coming shows, operas and touring productions before taking our seats for the 7:30 start. 

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We paid £10 per ticket in the rear of the stalls (T4,T5) and had clear views from the right side of the stage. We got upgraded to the centre of row T on the right hand side ( Yay! Upgraded!) unfortunately
It wasn't a full house for opening night, but it was 2/3 full,  predominately with members of the hippodrome making up a large proportion. Sadly we were two of very few people under 30. 

Our upgraded seat view.

The Ballets 

There were three ballets: Wink, The Moor's Pavane and the Shakespeare Suite. All aesthetically different and different dance styles. Each took on a form of its own; spoken word, classic ballet and jazz ballet. 

Wink was the opening piece (25 mins) followed by Moor's Pavane (20 mins) and finally the Shakespeare Suite coming in at 40 mins.

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Wink featured spoke word and the most classical appearance out of the three. Classic ballet dress focused the audience on the highly skilled dancers (5 men, 4 women) their skill, strength and physic is amazing. Male ballet dancers always amaze me; the grace, skill and masculinity is incredible. 

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Moor's Pavane's story line was easier to follow due to the costume context and being loosely based on Shakespeare's 'Othello'. I  always find ballet stories easier to follow when in costume. Performed by 4 dancers, it was captivating. The period dress allowed you to depict characters, then focus on the dancing without questioning what was going on in the storyline. 

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My overall favourite was the Shakespeare Suite; depictions of different Shakespeare stories told through jazz ballet. This was the most upbeat of the three and was costumed just like you'd see at The Globe Theatre, London. The jazz ballet was spectacular and one of the most invigorating types I've seen, jazz ballet steps away from the classic style we all automatically think of when we hear 'Ballet'. It was fun, exciting and funny too, with mime taking a more prominent role.

The two of us thoroughly enjoyed our evening of art and culture. Ballet really is a terrific art form that more of us should seek to appreciate.

Shakespeare's triple bill was on until 24th June. Other Shakespeare 400 celebrations continue throughout the year for both the Birmingham Royal Ballet and The Birmingham Hippodrome.

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To find out more about the Birmingham Royal Ballet click here , for the Birmingham Hippodrome click here and for further pictures of our afternoon out, you got it, click here to see my Instagram. 

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