Brain Dump: 04

I've decided I really like summer. This summer so far has been great (disregarding the horrid and unpredictable British weather) I've been to new places, seen things I've never seen before, explored my own city and spent quality time with loved ones despite the 6am alarm and 40 hour work week.

It's such a great feeling to enjoy your job on the daily, yet be able to step away on days off to take time out and hit that pause, then refresh button. I've got quite a jam packed month ahead; going here there and everywhere, in search of new adventures and the pursuit of chilled happiness. 

Living with Ad has also added to my happiness level and the overall dynamic of our relationship (Those of you who live with your s.o know!) He's a kitchen legend, the kitchen is a plethora of food experimentation and sweet-treat goodness. I thought I could cook well, but that boy is something else! I'm talking pastry from scratch, delicious mains and all vegetarian cuisine (WHY DO I NOT HAVE PHOTOS OF SAID FOODIE GOODNESS ON MY IPHONE.) Whilst it's dangerous if we simultaneously cook in the kitchen, I quite enjoying watching and learning (lol, I'm a bit fidgety) even if I do get in the way a bit! Overall, It's safe to say my lunchbox is the envy of the staff room. Malteser Chocolate Tifin anyone? 

...Perhaps I should consider an exercise routine so I don't get a summer muffin top or have trouble doing up my Levi 311s... Speaking of Levis, Ad and I had some great customer service in their Birmingham Bullring store last week. Qudos Levis for taking care of a pair of die hard Levi converts. We will be back! It's true what people say, you get what you pay for and I think that mantra works for life too. The more you pump in, the better the result ( I should put that on a poster) and after having long lunch discussions with friends last week I've decided to enjoy my time in the here and now more rather than wait until next year (when we move back to London and I graduate) for my life to really kick start. Yes, I'm ready for my next career step, yes I'm ready to get my own home and yes, I want to be back in the capital breathing in the thick grey air, get caught up in tourist packs with umbrellas and run for the last tube on a Friday night. But perhaps I should stop wishing my life away, I am only 20 after all. I've got the rest of my life to complain about the cities' smog. I'm going to Savour my youth and freedom some more before the wrinkles and cellulite kick in. I feel this is a positive plan.

Whilst it'll be interesting to see how this new plan pans out come September when I'm back at the big U-N-I, the summer seems like a perfect time to start pumping the iron into life. Making plans, having fun and trying new things. If you're like me; with plans for the future, knowing what and where you want to be, enjoy the journey there more. Take the pressure off, ease up and enjoy. 

I'll keep you updated on how I get on and you can see more of my adventures on my home page as well and my social pages (links below) 

Have a great week everybody! 

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