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#Morning ! I'm getting geared up for the day the #natural way! πŸ’¦πŸ’§ #JustGetThirsty @vitacocouk #VitaCoco #Ad Get down to St Martin's Sq #Birmingham and visit Vita Coco's #popup today and tomorrow for coconut goodness and thirst making #free #Summer activities!
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This week I haven't really sat still and if you follow me on Twitter you'll know my cosy netflix and chill on Friday was needed, big time.

Tuesday was spent gallivanting in the rain. Going from place to place to shield from the rain, eventually acquiring a nice and dry table in Albion, with access to strong wifi and a pot of strong coffee. I sat there for a couple of hours blogging, getting on top of life admin and doing a spot of planning for the summer.

Denim meets notes.

Keeping occupied... 

Later in the afternoon, when Ad joined me we moved from Farringdon over to Shoreditch, stopping at the Whitehall Gallery, then Rough Trade down Brick Lane, before early drinks with friends.

Whitechapel Gallery.

Brick Lane Graffiti

Thursday after work I met Ad in Birmingham and headed to the Vita Coco pop up #JustGetThirsty event in St Martin's Sq, where there was a very strong summer vibe: with chilled coconut water, surfers with accents and a sand beach- the weather was good too!  

Climb the Vita Coco coconut tree infant of Bullring Birmingham.
'Coconut Grove' No idea who this smiley fella is, but he stopped for a photo, haha. 

It was by far the healthiest and most reviving after work drinks either of us have been to and with 4 delicious flavours to try we kicked back in the sunshine trying each flavour whilst watching people compete to climb the coconut tree the fastest - If I wasn't so queasy height wise- I might have given it a go!

The perfect summer beverage. 

Ad, snapping away. 

The Vita Coco pop-up beach! 

The coconut popcorn maestros.
After chatting about coconut popcorn at work the following day, one colleague was telling me how she whitens her teeth with the Vita Coco stuff! According to her you can use it on your face, in your hair and to take your eye make up off. This needs to be tried! I'll keep you updated with my coconut oil experimentation!

Said delicious popcorn.
The coconut popcorn was amazing! (Ad definitely had more than one serving :P)  We'll definitely be re-creating this at home with our popcorn maker.

Eat It, Wear It, Swear By It.

I'm at @vitacocooiluk 's #Birmingham πŸ“ pop up in St Martin's Sq today (open tomorrow too!) eating #coconut #popcorn - who knew such a delicious thing existed! #food 🍿🍿🍿 #JustGetThirsty #Ad @vitacocouk
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It was fun to do something different and feel all summery despite still being in the UK.

By Friday night I was ready for a cosy night in for Netflix and chill! Hot chocolate at the ready , pyjamas on, I was ready to relax into the weekend.

So that was this weeks antics, lets see what next week has to offer! 

*This is a sponsored post but all Vita Coco lovin' my own.

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