Culture: Visiting the Serpentine Pavilion

Outside the Serpentine Pavilion on one of the construction blocks.

Last week (Apologies, this post has been sat in my draft box for a bad.) Adam and I went to London for a day in the city. After spending a few hours wandering around the central streets we headed over to Hyde Park, Knightsbridge (Yes, it was a longggg walk as Ad kept reminding me.) After a stroll in the blazing London sunshine we retired to a small spot by the pond in the shade for a picnic, it was all rather British, especially as we discovered we were by this point, both sunburnt.  

After a lovely lunch, we crossed over to the Serpentine Pavilion. Each year the Serpentine Gallery host a vast 'Pavilion' 

Inside the Serpentine Pavilion.
This years creation is designed by Bjarke Ingels founding partner of architectural firm BIG. The 25sqm structure is described as an 'Unzipped Wall' and those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will know that I visited last year's Pavilion too (The programme has been running for 16 years now.)

It's great to see what these fantastic, top of their game architects come up with with the small space they have. One of the criteria for the Pavilion structures each year is that it needs to be designed by an architect who does not as yet have a permanent structure within the UK, allowing us architectural muggles to see something in a style that we probably haven't seen before. 

It's vast, creative and fun for all the family with kids and adults for that matter ;crawling through the fibreglass squares that make up the pavilion, posing for photos and appreciating this quirky structure from both inside and out.

There are a wide range of events being hosted throughout the summer in the Pavilion space, with a permanent bar/ cafe hosted by Harrods within the pavilion for the duration of its stay.

If you're in the neighbourhood or planning a trip to London, stop by. As I said the structure isn't permanent and is open daily until October (Double check, just in case!) Pack a picnic too and picnic in the summer sunshine!

What I'm dubbing our 'Serpentine Selfie'

Adam, posing up a storm.

If you'd like more of an architectural point of view, Adam has just started an Architecture blog 'Adam and Architecture', check out his post here.

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