Food: Atrium Brunch, Camden, London

You’d expect an early morning, cancelled train to cause havoc and wreck plans, this wasn’t the case for myself and Adam on a round trip to London last week. We were upgraded to a faster train and arrived a whole hour earlier than expected. 

I, rather rarely, had nothing planned for my day in the city. Ad had a meeting mid afternoon and I joined for the journey and to keep him company either side of the afternoon. 

With plenty of time, we headed North after arriving at Euston station towards Mornington Crescent and Camden, passing people on their way to work and uni, running about in suits and trainers and gym buddies sweating post work out. 

Feeling a little peckish after waking at 5:45am and having had no breakfast, we were ready for something to fuel the rest of our undefined day. 

Camden is full of fantastic independent food stalls, eateries and restaurants and is known for it’s diverse range of foods at the Camden Lock Markets as well as the chain-restaurants on Camden High Street.  We were after somewhere with a breakfast/ brunch menu with wifi and toilets. Easier said than done at 9 in the morning. (Camden comes alive after 11am)

We were just about to sack off the search for an independent place when we saw a sign advertising breakfast, brunch, coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner in The Stables Market on Chalk Farm Road. After peering around the gate into The Stables, we headed on up the steps to the open glass front of Atrium.

The glass structure of the building makes it the perfect place to start the day. Sunshine brightened the room and beautifully lit the eclectic and refined mix-match of furniture that creates social sharing eating and drinking spaces in the bar / restaurant by using and combining old and new tables and chairs. 

Warmly greeted by our smiling server, we selected our seats and were brought a jug of water whilst we choose our food and drinks. 

With a curated breakfast and brunch menu, Atrium provided choice without there being too much menu to wade through. 

We decided on the three egg omelette, side of toast and poached egg on toast along with a black americano for me (It was strong, and I mean strong!) Shortly after our, food arrived, looking fantastic! (We had a little joke about how when we make breakfast it never looks like that!)

My omelette was absolutely delicious, the best omelette I’ve had on this continent, hands down. The cheese was melted, gluing the egg and fresh spinach, mushrooms and tomato together in gooie goodness without being an oil stricken mess, It was so good that no salt, sauce or pepper was required! The sour dough bread accompanied the omelette nicely. Spot on.

And after fashioning a napkin into my top (White T-shirt and breakfast = doom for me), We tucked into our fresh, cooked to order breakfasts.

With empty plates and full tummies we continued with our drinks and stayed awhile, making full use of their free and fully working wifi.

Atrium really is a diverse and versatile space that you could work your way through on your laptop from breakfast to lunch and to dinner, it's definitely worth a visit and would be ideal for drinks and dinner with a group of friends as well as a work meeting space.

Atrium actually describes itself in its menu as an 'All day hangout' which makes it the perfect working - lunch location. I'll be heading back with my Mac and Uni work come September! 

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