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Brain Dump: 07

Where has the summer gone!?

I've got my grandma cardigan back on and it's not even the end of August. 
It's getting darker earlier and earlier at night and even though I know how it works, I'd love to have long summer nights just that little bit longer.

I've had a very busy summer with work and I'm sad to report that I've only done a handful of the things I'd planned to do this summer and the ones I've documented on here, my blog makes them feel more tangible, like I actually did something with my uni 'break'. 

Hello I'm Clo has brought me some cool opportunities this summer, taking me to events and trying out new things, which I think has brought a new dynamic to this culture and lifestyle blog, I hope you feel the same. It's given me a new lease of blogging life in the haze of life, university dissertation and a full time job. 

Whilst on my way to and from work and whilst travelling I've written an absolute tonne of utter shit on my iPhone notes app; part written blog posts, brain dumps that evidentially, only engaged part of my brain and absolutely loads of post ideas that never transpire. 

So I've rolled them all up and tried to make a summer brain dump of all the tid- bit thoughts in my head that made it to my iPhone. 

Brain Dump: 06

This week was all about frustration and realisation for me. After a truly amaze week of exploring, fun and adventure, going back to work wasn't top of my list, but those bills gotta get paid.

I can't believe we're already in August. Where has the time gone!? I've lived with Ad for two months and done loads of summery things but the time is ticking away and my days off are now numbered before my return to university in September. Shudder. Don't even get me started on how I'm going back a third year. Eek!

Rome: The Colosseum

I have 6 unpublished Rome posts from April this year. With the photos ready to go, these posts needed words. So I've roped Ad in to reminisce on our Roman adventures on the 6 final Rome posts. How romantic. 

First up... The Colosseum.

C: The weather was pretty bad the day we visited.

A: The day before was so hot, so thankfully as blondes we didn't burn alive in the queue.

C: The queue was soooo long. I'm glad we got the Archaeological pass, which saved us the hassle of the queue and the entrance fee. But the tourist touts outside were pretty annoying.

A: If anything annoyed me more from our trip it was someone offering us the chance to 'skip the line'...either that or a £%^&*R%()£ selfie stick!

C: Safe to say people were selling stuff that just wasn't needed. The Colosseum speaks for itself.

Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma, Italy

Food: Mildred's Vegetarian, Kings Cross, London

This year we celebrated Adam's birthday in London with friends. Marking his 24th in the best way: food + friends + wine.

With an intimate dinner with friends and drinks on a rooftop bar, it was a chilled celebration, because of this I didn't take too many photos as I haven't yet got too comfortable invading people's dinner to be like 'HEY THIS LOOKS GOOD, LET ME SNAP YOUR FOOD FOR THE INTERNET TO SEE!' Anyhow, I thought Mildred's in Kings Cross was worth a write up and to show you guys a little taster of what they have to offer.
200 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London N1 9JY, UK

Travel: Travelodge Waterloo, London

For Ad's 24th Birthday we decided we'd spend some time with friends in central London to catch-up and celebrate. Now that neither of us live in the big LDN it means staying over night in a hotel.

We'd decided around March that I'd plan everything after all, it is his birthday. Then I got a little sidetracked with going to Florida and then the post holiday come down and honestly, forgot all about the hotel. Bad girlfriend. I'd managed to plan all the other bits and bobs we were going to see and do, hell, I'd even managed to buy return train tickets. Result. It wasn't until I had the realisation that we had no-where to stay that I tried to blag my way out of it by telling Ad that I was doing a late rooms / last minute thing. Then I looked at the prices and OMG they are astronomical as it's peak tourist time in London atm. This girl on a budget.

195-203 Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8UX

National Trust: Biddulph Grange Garden

Biddulph Grange
Biddulph Grange Garden is a quirky, playful paradise in the heart of Staffordshire that I visited about a month ago with my family. (I admit, this post has sat in the draft box for a while.) With a spare Sunday and looking to go somewhere to chill and relax in the sunshine, we got the National Trust book out and chose somewhere a few hours from home for our day trip.

Biddulph Grange Garden, Grange Rd, Biddulph ST8 7SD, UK