Brain Dump: 06

This week was all about frustration and realisation for me. After a truly amaze week of exploring, fun and adventure, going back to work wasn't top of my list, but those bills gotta get paid.

I can't believe we're already in August. Where has the time gone!? I've lived with Ad for two months and done loads of summery things but the time is ticking away and my days off are now numbered before my return to university in September. Shudder. Don't even get me started on how I'm going back a third year. Eek!

This week everything seems to have caught up with me. I need more time off before going back to my hard hitting commuter timetable for uni. I need to relax. I’m so psyched about my third year projects, I want to give them my all.  But it doesn't look like I'm going to have any down time before it all begins again. Nightmare

I'm an organised person but juggling a 4 day uni commute and 3 day work schedule will be testing and that realisation is just miserable and too soon for my liking. Work and uni jugglers, I salute you. 
On the bright side (always look on the bright side) I've truly bonded with my mac book pro 11" which will undoubtedly help me out with time saving, working-whilst-commuting and further maximising my time. It's a piece of art in itself in that beaut, mini size, I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. Life saver. 

Perhaps I’m just having a tough week work wise, we all do don’t we? ...It’s spilling over from work and giving me life anxiety. blah. no one needs that shit. 

Life just seems so heavy sometimes and it's not even because of life threatening or pressing matters. 
Isn't it crazy? that as an adult there's never any true plato period, there sure isn't a 'stop the ride I want to get off' button. We just have coffee. Black coffee, baristas, my heroes.

More seriously, I think my new bullet journal is going to help me chill the f-out. Having a plan and making steps in the right direction is what I need to do. If you feel overwhelmed about something, make time to figure out what it is that is bothering you and make a plan to sort it out or overcome it, just like I'm going to do with my work/ university anxiety.  We all have tough weeks/ times but it's what we take away from those things that builds our character and further develops who we are. 

So there's the weekly brain splurge of utter nonsense that wizzes around my head on the daily. It's hard being an adult ey? 

So i'm ploughing on through and going into the new week with a positive, can do attitude. The only way is up!

Have a great week,

Clo :)

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