Brain Dump: 07

Where has the summer gone!?

I've got my grandma cardigan back on and it's not even the end of August. 
It's getting darker earlier and earlier at night and even though I know how it works, I'd love to have long summer nights just that little bit longer.

I've had a very busy summer with work and I'm sad to report that I've only done a handful of the things I'd planned to do this summer and the ones I've documented on here, my blog makes them feel more tangible, like I actually did something with my uni 'break'. 

Hello I'm Clo has brought me some cool opportunities this summer, taking me to events and trying out new things, which I think has brought a new dynamic to this culture and lifestyle blog, I hope you feel the same. It's given me a new lease of blogging life in the haze of life, university dissertation and a full time job. 

Whilst on my way to and from work and whilst travelling I've written an absolute tonne of utter shit on my iPhone notes app; part written blog posts, brain dumps that evidentially, only engaged part of my brain and absolutely loads of post ideas that never transpire. 

So I've rolled them all up and tried to make a summer brain dump of all the tid- bit thoughts in my head that made it to my iPhone. 

On baking:

Mug cakes were the bake of the week (chocolate and Nutella specifically.) Until uni I didn't know cakes in a mug existed, I tried it a few times, each one more disastrous than the one before and though nothing more of the cakey convenience of cake in a mug, until late one night Ad got peckish and we decided to experiment in the kitchen with a culinary creation, after flicking through a few recipes online, we chose a Nutella chocolate cake, filled my Starbucks mug with the cake ingredients, then popped it into the microwave for a couple of minutes. Jobs a good-en. It's our latest and greatest discovery! Try it, it's amazing. 

Talking of Starbucks... 

Joining the Starbucks club I once had a flat mate who paid for his Starbucks via his phone. He was so swish and fancy (not just because of his Starbucks prowess, shout out Alex👐🏻) and at the end of last year I discovered I couldn't get my uni discount in our Starbucks without this fancy scanning app. First world problems ey? 

After chatting to the lovely girl in my local, she told me what I needed to do to get onto the Starbucks loyalty programs that gives you the scanning thing and a free drink every once in a while, win. 
It's so easy to use and is such a time saver when you're in a rush or don't want to rummage in your handbag for your purse. I'm all do time saving / stress saving. 


How many of us have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? I hear you. I have a whole, maxed out wardrobe but still claim I have nothing to wear, but really it's because I haven't shaved my legs  and I wake up so early I cba to pick a cute outfit, that's on trend and fabulous. Considering I work in fashion, that's pretty bad. 

I've started picking outfits the night before, or if I'm feeling super snazz, for the week ahead when I know what's on my concrete schedule. I've also started taking photos of what I'm wearing, nothing special, just a quick mirror snap, no posing involved, and slipping it into my 'outfits' album on my phone, for when I need outfit inspiration asap. It's basically the modern version of Cher horawitz' clueless wardrobe. 


Back in school I was a cross country runner (hence why a bully never chased me, I'd outrun those bitches anyway.) and I was pretty good, winning at school and county level. Since then it's safe to say my fitness level has taken a dip and then a totally nose dive when I left the gym when I moved home. So in a bid to get back on fitness track, ad and I have started running after work, it's brill to de-stress and chill the f-out. It makes me feel good, free and revitalised and it's just so simple to do. You just don a sports bra and track pants and run! There's no excuse and I will be hauling my ass out of bed to run three times a week to get that blood pumping. 

Meal planning 

In line with getting the cardio going, we’ve (Me and Ad) decided that meal planning is the way to go. It’ll stop lazy nights of carb heavy, starchy pasta and allow us to extend our culinary arsenal. Vegetarian goodness from Mildred’s cookbook and vegan greatness from Deliciously ella will get us on the right track yet still allow a cheeky mud cake once or twice a week! Perhaps there’s a super healthy mug cake- If there is, hook a girl up! 

So those are some of the tidbits clogging up my notes app. Hopefully I’ll be back on schedule next week with a weekly round up post. 

Have a great week! 

Clo :)

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