Food: Mildred's Vegetarian, Kings Cross, London

This year we celebrated Adam's birthday in London with friends. Marking his 24th in the best way: food + friends + wine.

With an intimate dinner with friends and drinks on a rooftop bar, it was a chilled celebration, because of this I didn't take too many photos as I haven't yet got too comfortable invading people's dinner to be like 'HEY THIS LOOKS GOOD, LET ME SNAP YOUR FOOD FOR THE INTERNET TO SEE!' Anyhow, I thought Mildred's in Kings Cross was worth a write up and to show you guys a little taster of what they have to offer.

Going to dinner with a fellow veggie and semi veggie is a dream, there's no awkwardness because no one suggests a steak house and they also know where all the veggie restaurants are. For dinner we coupled up and went on a doubles dinner date and the four of us rocked up to Mildred's Kings Cross branch at about 7pm on a Thursday night and as we hadn't pre-booked and it was looking pretty busy, we weren't sure we'd get a table. The host (Wish I'd got his name, if you've been to Mildred's before, he's one of the originals!) the host told us the wait would be about an hour unless we wanted to cosy it up by sitting at a corner table for three. It was a cosy squeeze, but do-able.

With drinks ordered and menus at hand, we chatted about our previous delights at Mildred's in Soho (Need to pre-book that bad boy, it's hella busy. All. The. Time.) and all picked something we hadn't had from the Mildred's menu before: Stir fry, Vegan Burger, Burger and Pie and Chips.

The food is beautiful, there is no doubt about it. It's a premium price for a premium product and I wouldn't say that it's a regular food splurge. Especially with a £13 service charge for 4 people. Like OMG I really felt like I was living back in London when that big nasty was stamped on the bill. So we reserve Mildred's for special occasions such as Birthdays. Actually, Birthday's and Mildred's are becoming a regular 'thing' for us. Perhaps we'll work our way around the Mildred's for each Birthday treat. Camden, you're next!

My pie and chips was delicious. Hearty, flavoursome and filling. It was full to the brim with mushrooms in a sauce to die for. The chunky chips were old school and so much better than skinny fries. My mint mushy peas were nothing like chip shop peas, they were luxurious, bringing my taste buds alive. Mmmm.

Ad's burger and chips was HUGE. There was no way you could eat that burger un-aided. The sweet potato chips were super chunky, if a little salty, but brought the burger together. Vegan cheese, onion and salad layered up the burger and the mayo (Ad's fav) topped everything off perfectly. There wasn't anything left behind, that's for sure.

With a little room left for pudding, we decided to split it and share. For £7, I feel disappointed, I expected more of a slice, not a slither, whilst it was delicious, it wasn't £7 worth, although the dusted chocolate was very pretty, my bank balance didn't appreciate the gesture.

Overall, it was a lovely evening of great food with great friends. I'd highly advice booking in advance because it is so popular. I think so far our favourite branch is Soho even though the food / menu is the same. If you're a veggie or vegan living or visiting london, head on over to one of Mildred's three branches to test it out for yourself.

See more Mildred's info here: Mildred's Website
The branch we visited: 200 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London N1 9JY, UK / 02072789422

P.S I'd love to try out some other veggie and vegan restaurants in the capital, so if you've got any suggestions, pop them in the box below!

Photos taken on iPhone 5C

Have a great day guys, 
Clo :) 

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