Rome: The Colosseum

I have 6 unpublished Rome posts from April this year. With the photos ready to go, these posts needed words. So I've roped Ad in to reminisce on our Roman adventures on the 6 final Rome posts. How romantic. 

First up... The Colosseum.

C: The weather was pretty bad the day we visited.

A: The day before was so hot, so thankfully as blondes we didn't burn alive in the queue.

C: The queue was soooo long. I'm glad we got the Archaeological pass, which saved us the hassle of the queue and the entrance fee. But the tourist touts outside were pretty annoying.

A: If anything annoyed me more from our trip it was someone offering us the chance to 'skip the line'...either that or a £%^&*R%()£ selfie stick!

C: Safe to say people were selling stuff that just wasn't needed. The Colosseum speaks for itself.

C: I couldn't believe just how big it was, you think you know what to expect size wise, until you get there. Book ahead because the queue wraps around half of the Colosseum, no one wants to spend their sight-seeing time in a queue!

A: Yes, definitely, Or alternatively going off-peak is certainly something I'd recommend! So the earlier you get there in the morning the better! The Colosseum opens from 8:30am, so there's no excuse to miss this on your trip to Rome.

C: We did plan to go super early, but I got distracted by the all you can eat breakfast buffet...

A: Standard....

C: What was your favourite bit Ad?

A: Probably the view from the top level of the Colosseum. You can get a great view of the whole amphitheatre as well as stunning views looking out across to the Roman Forum. How about you?

C: I liked the bit where they'd excavated some of the ground to see what was underneath. It's just so interesting, even for someone who knows nothing about Rome or architecture.

C: It seemed that every angle gave a different view. I enjoyed the second level the most, the bits where they had rocks and steps for you to take a look from a higher point.

C: There was the gallery / museum / information bit on the second level which gave some context and a little history to the surroundings.

A: One thing I wish we could have seen was the Colosseum at night, which apparently is a completely different experience. However, in order to visit at night you are required to book ahead via one of the guided tours provided by the Colosseum (so if roaming around on your own is your thing, this might not be for you) - and not to mention this isn't run on a daily basis! Check their website for more info if you fancy doing this.

C: That would have been so good! Maybe next time?

A: Yeah sure, and maybe I can impersonate your favourite character from 'UP' again!

C: You do look like the old guy from 'Up' though in that photo...

A: So, overall how would you summarise our trip to the Colosseum?

C: Chilled, we took our time, set our own pace and allocated plenty of time to get through queues/ airport style security and pose for selfies and snap a few jump in the air shots! It's a great place, that's a must see if you're in the city.

A: Well put! We both have a couple of friends visiting Rome this summer, and we definitely recommended this on our list of things to check out. Visiting in August though - could potentially be a hot one!

C: Definitely. If we burnt in March there is crisp potential in August!

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