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For Ad's 24th Birthday we decided we'd spend some time with friends in central London to catch-up and celebrate. Now that neither of us live in the big LDN it means staying over night in a hotel.

We'd decided around March that I'd plan everything after all, it is his birthday. Then I got a little sidetracked with going to Florida and then the post holiday come down and honestly, forgot all about the hotel. Bad girlfriend. I'd managed to plan all the other bits and bobs we were going to see and do, hell, I'd even managed to buy return train tickets. Result. It wasn't until I had the realisation that we had no-where to stay that I tried to blag my way out of it by telling Ad that I was doing a late rooms / last minute thing. Then I looked at the prices and OMG they are astronomical as it's peak tourist time in London atm. This girl on a budget.

After fess-ing up to my mistake, Ad suggested a travelodge (The romance, ey?) His reasoning: It's more affordable, not cheap, 'affordable,' clean and you know what you're getting and t's always ideally located. Back in Feburary we stayed in the Travelodge Kings Cross which was ideal for what we were after.

We decided that It was the safe option, after all we needed a place to stay. £80 for one night really pains my bank balance, but the £2 card charge bothered me more - Card charge? In this day and age really?

My plan was to check in and not think about the price tag for the duration of the stay. With a 3pm check in, it allowed us to do all the sight-seeing / staycation bits and bobs (Read all about it here) then wander towards Waterloo. A stones throw away from Waterloo station, it's really well located, about 5 mins walk from the station and next to a few convenience shops. We stopped to pick up a few biscuits before checking in and chilling out before our big night out.

King Size Bed

The nice big bed in our massive, perhaps overly spacious room allowed us to test the comfort of the bed and the channel availability on the telly (and the biscuits!) Kicking back on the most heavenly bed ever was bliss on tired tourist feet and after watching a few afternoon episodes of the Big Bang Theory we showered, dressed and headed out for the evening.

Ad Illustrating how much space we had...
The other side of the room.

Give a girl space and she'll make a mess.
The bathroom was pretty standard, perhaps almost clinical. It was clean and the perfect size, but was let down by the un-emptied bin full of tampon applicators. Nice...


The shower was powerful, hot, hot and easy to use. (Hotel regulars, you know what I'm talking about!) The sink was a little awkward size wise, but the fact you could see the TV from the loo was apparently a bonus.


The late check out of 12pm allowed us to take our time and even have a cheeky hangover breakfast, disgusting, obviously if you've seen my Instagram. I downed the remaining coffee sachets and even got more from the lovely woman on reception (Inserts cry laugh emoji here.) 

We really enjoyed the convenience of the location and just how easy it was having everything we needed. Considering the tired, worse for wear state the two of us were in when we got in the night /morning before, It was the best nights sleep either of us have had in a long time and we both slept right through. That's what I'm talking about. The bed was just so comfy, Ad got home and looked up wether he could buy the mattress they use, you can, we're buying a super king for our London pad next year. (Inserts cry laugh emoji here, again.) It's safe to say the bed was impressive. Like sleeping on a cloud. 

Evidently making ourselves comfy.

This trip taught me not to overlook the obvious in favour of something fancy. When we're away we never spend too much time in the hotel anyway, so It's better that we just stick to the basics of a bed, a bathroom and a sachet or twelve of Nescafe. Travelodge, you were close to 10/10.

See more Travelodge info here: Travelodge Website

Photos taken on iPhone 5c

Have a great day,
Clo :)

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