Back At University: Musings

So I've just finished my first day back at university, it's my final year and we're already talking about graduation. Argh. What to wear.

On the train in this morning and whilst it was broken down and awaiting recovery (not a great first day start!) I was wondering how on earth life had gone so quickly. An incredible amount of my life has changed since starting university and a lot of shit has gone down whilst I've been there. Friends, boyfriends, breakups, opportunities and unexpected surprises. The past two years really have had their ups and downs. But everything is on a high. Apart from the broken down train.

Overall I'm looking forward to the future now, both third year and career wise. It's solid, unlike when I started university. Life's looking good from all angles and I've worked hard for it. Grinded beyond the 9-5 and have made massive sacrifices along the way. But I'm a better person for it. I've learnt a lot and am still learning, but I can now say with some certainty that it's all got me going in the right direction.

For those of you starting university this month, enjoy the experiences, both good and bad. Write everything down, drink coffee. Don't worry about the serious stuff, take your time to figure out what you like, who you are and have fun in the process. Don't drink to much, don't do drugs, drink plenty of water and find solace away from the crowds. Enjoy each moment, and learn from them too. Be smart, be open and remember, life is what you make of it.

Good luck!

Clo :)

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