Travel: New Zealand With H&M

I'm really proud & excited to announce I will be part of the U.K. H&M Team going over to support the opening of the Auckland, New Zealand H&M store. It's the first H&M in New Zealand so I'm delighted to be going to a new market. It's a very exciting project, that I'm thrilled to be part of. New Zealand, we're coming! See more info on the H&M website here.

At one of the H&M's in Prague last week.

I'm flying the 12,000 miles over 3 flight tomorrow and will be out there for 4 weeks. So I'm currently figuring out what to wear (it's spring over there) and what type of leggings to wear on that mammoth flight (s). That flight calls for serious Netflix and chill!

If anyone has any recommendations (doesn't have to be legging related) I'd love to hear them as I'll be checking out what New Zealand has to offer on my days off!

As usual I'll be keeping everyone upto date with my antics on my Facebook, Twitter and the blog and will probably film bits and bobs along the way too.

Here's to the next adventure!

Clo :)

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