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Hotel Review: Grandior Hotel Prague

It's another Travel blog post!

For a 21st Birthday treat, Adam planned a mini break to Prague in the Czech Republic. He'd kept it a secret for months, then told me so I had time to research the city, plan, make reservations and pack!

Now, I'm the sort of person who will quite willingly slum it in a backpackers hostel. Needs must and all that. Adam is the opposite and so for this trip booked the Grandior Hotel Prague as the place to rest our heads.

The 5 star hotel boasts a fantastic inner city location and breakfast included all for an amount that I'm not allowed to know, because it's my birthday. (You can find out here if you want, but I'm not looking!)

Grandior Hotel Prague

Grandior Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Lifestyle: Back From New Zealand

Hello It's me, Clo!

I'm back from New Zealand, I've landed and it's... weird.
I also can't believe it's October, when did that happen!?

At Palm Beach (I think!) on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

I've been away for a month, I've lived in a Hotel for that time, without family, without 100% wifi and in a country I've never been to before. In the past month things have changed. Things feel different now. I feel different. Being away from everything and everybody I know, has given me a break from real life and given me real life perspective, given me time to review my priorities and figure out what it is that i want from life and this vast world we have the pleasure to live in. It's been emosh.

This trip has allowed me to find, discover and improve  my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. It's taught me that I make friends easily now I'm an adult, that I can handle more alcohol than I thought I could, and that traveling 12,000 miles in a plane is easier than taking a two hour car journey.

Travel: Goodbye New Zealand

It's been a whirlwind journey in New Zealand. The whole trip was major busy, with a jam packed schedule and a yearning to explore this big beautiful country that I've never been to before.

On one of my days off exploring Waiheke Island.

Whilst here I've eaten more carbs than I care to remember, discovered my love for Tim Tam biscuits and learnt that you'll never regret flying your sistema lunchbox to the other side of the world, after all, nothing beats a home made packed lunch. 

The team I came over here with are a fantastic bunch and really made my time in New Zealand special. The day trips, dinners, hikes and adventures helped me get as much of the work / life balance I could get whilst on a work trip abroad. It's be a laugh and it's more than fair to say that the UK team are each totally amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Auckland, New Zealand

Food: Energetic Vegan Flapjacks

Spontaneous baking is the best. I always keep a fully stocked pantry of baking ingredients for when the moment strikes. I love a home made cake, bake or pie. What can I say? sweetness is my vice.

Whilst 90% of the time Adam looks after the main meals in our house, I am the sweet queen: Brownies, traybake and cupcakes are my domain. With Ad making a delicious risotto, I fancied whipping up a flapjack and having a play, switching up the ingredients in my usual recipe. The triple threat vegan flapjack was born.

I've had rye flakes and wheat flakes in the cupboard for ages (Random, I know, I can't even remember the original intention for such a purchase.) and decided to add them into the recipe to switch it up, I've also decreased the amount of sugar added (Watching that waistline!) and swapped golden syrup for natural date syrup. Just a few steps in a more healthy direction. Baby steps, baby steps.