Food: Energetic Vegan Flapjacks

Spontaneous baking is the best. I always keep a fully stocked pantry of baking ingredients for when the moment strikes. I love a home made cake, bake or pie. What can I say? sweetness is my vice.

Whilst 90% of the time Adam looks after the main meals in our house, I am the sweet queen: Brownies, traybake and cupcakes are my domain. With Ad making a delicious risotto, I fancied whipping up a flapjack and having a play, switching up the ingredients in my usual recipe. The triple threat vegan flapjack was born.

I've had rye flakes and wheat flakes in the cupboard for ages (Random, I know, I can't even remember the original intention for such a purchase.) and decided to add them into the recipe to switch it up, I've also decreased the amount of sugar added (Watching that waistline!) and swapped golden syrup for natural date syrup. Just a few steps in a more healthy direction. Baby steps, baby steps.


225g Vegan butter / margarine/ plant/ oil based butter.
2 tbs of Date syrup
150g Rolled oats
100g Rye flakes
100g Wheat flakes
100g Sultanas

Using rye flakes, wheat flakes and rolled oats instead of just oats diversifies the texture and the flavour whilst giving you the goodness of all three.

The great thing about a flapjack is its diversity; swap sultanas for apricots, add choc-chips or plain jane it with old school style custard. I change the additional ingredients all the time, especially near Christmas when I add mixed fruit and a dash of either cinnamon or mixed spice for a festive christmas vibe. Good Times.

Basically, you melt the butter then throw all the ingredients in the melted butter bowl, mix and put into a tin, then into the oven for half an hour on gas mark 4.

If you try this recipe, let me know how you get on, What do you put in your flapjack?

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