Travel: Goodbye New Zealand

It's been a whirlwind journey in New Zealand. The whole trip was major busy, with a jam packed schedule and a yearning to explore this big beautiful country that I've never been to before.

On one of my days off exploring Waiheke Island.

Whilst here I've eaten more carbs than I care to remember, discovered my love for Tim Tam biscuits and learnt that you'll never regret flying your sistema lunchbox to the other side of the world, after all, nothing beats a home made packed lunch. 

The team I came over here with are a fantastic bunch and really made my time in New Zealand special. The day trips, dinners, hikes and adventures helped me get as much of the work / life balance I could get whilst on a work trip abroad. It's be a laugh and it's more than fair to say that the UK team are each totally amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them.

On the hike down from Mount Victoria, Devonport, New Zealand with the H&M UK crew!

If you've seen my Instagram you'll have seen some of the bits and pieces I've been getting up to and all the fun times we've all been having. But it hasn't all been sunshine and roses. The hours have been long, constant and very draining and I had a stinking head cold for the first two weeks. Working abroad is hard, and after a while your hotel room becomes somewhere you drop your bags and your head and crash into late at night. It's not your home, no matter how fancy it is and there's no one to snuggle you into bed at night.  Your loved ones are on a different time zone and the hunt for free wifi is like a caveman needing to be fed. Savage. It's not the holiday it looks like on Instagram. That said I wouldn't have had the opportunity to come to New Zealand without work. It's give and take and I will forever be grateful to H&M for this opportunity of a lifetime.

My first waterfall! Looking rather tired after the 4.5hr car journey! (I'll tell you that story later!)

Overall, I think I appreciate my life back home even more now. The ease of having all your personal items at your disposal, knowing that they'll be someone to give you a hug when needed and most importantly being able to walk about naked in your home without worrying about the car park across the road, high guys! 😳 

I've seen so much greenery, seen my first waterfall and enjoyed many of the beautiful views New Zealand has to offer, it's been a real treat and I'm so glad I got to experience it with a great bunch of friends. 

Now it's time to pack up my bags and head for home, via Dubai. Wish me luck for that 17hr flight, see you on the other side.

Clo :)

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