Travel: Mount Victoria, Devonport, New Zealand

The view from Mount Victoria.

On the second day of being in Auckland, New Zealand the H&M UK team and I went out on a day trip to Mount Victoria, Devonport to see the fantastic views of the city and to have my first experience of serious New Zealand greenery!

Auckland from the back of the boat.
Taking a boat from the ferry station, it took around 15 minutes on the ferry to get there. It was very windy, but warm wind, which is a strange concepts for a Brit abroad. There was a real sense of freedom watching the water and the city go by.

On the ferry.
Whilst the waters were mostly clear, you could see some people boating around the harbour and paddling through the waters.

The city getting further and further away.
A cracking view of the sky tower (The spiky one) from the top deck at the back of the boat.

The ferry station at Devonport.
We'd arrived at Devonport and seen our first stretch of beach!!! Devonport is a little peninsula town full of old school independent shops and boutiques, pubs, take outs and restaurants.

Lovely fresh flowers
There's so much greenery in New Zealand and fresh flowers are pretty much available everywhere, they're so bright and inviting, full of colour.

Off we go!
We'd walked through Devonport town centre to have a look at their shops on the way to the Mount Victoria climb and I am not overreacting when I say i wished i'd have worn three layers of deodorant. It was a climb. A climb on a pathway, but still a climb non the less!

The hill climb begins.
The views all the way up to the top were beautiful. Really natural and a real difference to what we were all used to coming from inner city UK.

That's where we're off to!

The view getting better and better.
Taking snaps through the trees, and catching the city at all sorts of angles. Nature and greens and views collided on this day trip.

Nature and views.

Beautiful clear blue skies.
On the first level of the Mount was a grassland, where you could take photos, and experience a 180 experience of what the Mount had to offer. The guy in the photo below makes me laugh. I was just casually taking a few snaps and he kept smiling and walking, smiling and walking like I was taking his photo. He did acknowledge me as he went past and I started to wonder whether he was simply enjoying the attention of a young blonde. I'll let him off!

No idea who this guy is!

A view from above.

Hello from Mount Victoria!
... And the holiday snaps begin! No jacket needed in that New Zealand sunshine!

The city and the suburb.
We climbed a little higher and reached the top. Stunning views and sunshine were a real wow factor and we could see both the big buildings and the small from where we were, the architecture is so different to the UK and It really confirmed that we were another world away from home. But a world we were all really ready to explore.

Nico, Me, Charlotte and Ryan taking in the view!

Enjoying the view and familiarising with our home for the next month. Our trip to Mount Victoria was fun, great for the thighs and a beautiful way to introduce us to the city.

A big thank you to our resident NZ tour guide Nico for being a brill host whilst we were there and showing us the best bits of a really beautiful place.

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