Brain Dump: 09

With the girls at Resorts world! 

This week has been a lifestyle bloggers dream, on paper. In reality I've struggled to get focused on my university work, at a time that's really key for me. It's a struggle every student can appreciate, so if you've got some motivational tips, I'm all ears!

Soya hot chocolate on the way to Devon

I may have struggled work wise because so much was going on this week. On Monday I went to Devon for the day with my dad. Had a lovely lunch out, found an amazing health food store that was jam packed with great healthy eating ingredients such as nuts, seeds, powders and dried fruit. I filled a bag for life full of goodies that I'll be using in my cooking and smoothies. Vegan goodness at its very best.

Healthy haul!

Speaking of smoothies... I'm really getting into smoothie making, it's not a daily thing, but I'm trying to introduce smoothies that are full of healthy goodness into my diet. Smoothies with health enriching things in such as: iron, superfoods, protein and energy inducing elements, tasty smoothies that are fast to make and easy to enjoy. I've even started stuffing in spinach to my juices and smoothies to add that extra dose of iron to my blood. I can't even tell spinach is in it! Health stuff you don't notice you're having, I'm a fan!

Smoothies are great for those days I've got an early call time, like my days in London which are typically, unstructured and fuelled on coffee and a banana if I'm lucky.

Getting uni work ready

This week I managed to grab a lovely Christmas, red cup Starbucks for half price (members bonus!) in the Marylebone branch (everyone is so nice in that store!) and work away on my lifestyle blog bits and bobs, emails and yes, the dissertation and university final major project featured too. I'll get there, eventually. Fingers crossed.

On Fetta Lane, London

Brick Lane Vintage Market

After packing up my current life, I.e my MacBook Pro into my trustworthy samsonite backpack, I bus-ed it from Oxford street to Liverpool Street to browse the vintage, antique and flee market on my way to see Made To Fly Eyewear to pick up my totally amaze glasses. I've honestly never been so excited about glasses. I'm so enthusiastic and overjoyed by the vintage optical goodness, I'm going to have to write a post all about it (...notes it in bullet journal)

To round the week off beautifully I spent Friday night having dinner (or pudding in my case) over cocktails in Resorts World, Birmingham. It's so nice to have a girly catch up and big belly laugh over rum and vodka cocktails with a holiday vibe twist, even in December.
After dinner the girls showed me around the shopping centre and entertainment destination and all of its lovely fun Christmas decorations, we even took a few selfies, I must really be in the festive spirit!

One drink down 🍸, a cheeky pudding to go! a mix of chocolate, coffee and churos, I'm sold! #cocktails 📍Resorts World, #Birmingham
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Christmas vibes with these beauties! @lorri132 @melzclarke 📍Resorts World, #Birmingham
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#drinks and #dinner! 🍸🍹🍸@lorri132 @melzclarke 📍Resorts World, #Birmingham
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It's been a busy week, with an even busier one ahead! Here's to more adventures, antics and fashion finds! Oh, and the university dissertation too!

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