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Weekly Round-Up

This week has been a busy one! I've really got into the festive spirit after all the Ice skating, festive food and if you follow me on Twitter you'll know all about the cocktails! It's been a week of work and play, mixing university and work, the deadline pressure and family time up north in Newcastle.

Teamwork is the dreamwork

Ice Skating & Festive Feast

Ice Skating was on the agenda when I joined some of the H&M Team from other stores for a festive celebration, everyone there has been voted employee of the month for the area throughout the year, it was like a H&M supergroup, maybe not so much a super group on the ice, but with a bit of teamwork nobody fell over and we all left with 10 fingers and ten toes! It was great fun and in a beautiful location, right by the German Market at Birmingham Symphony Hall and the Birmingham Library. 

I haven't been skating in years, but it was really good fun!

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Uni project and study day

The fashion management and marketing studying continues! (Read about it here.) My brain hurts, my fingers hurt and I'm bamboozled by the amount of information I'm finding. I'm also getting a little bit distracted as i'm thinking about my project, then thinking about blog content! I'm so looking forward to University being over and being able to truly focus my energy on this culture and lifestyle blog, with perhaps some content on ethical and sustainable fashion but the fun stuff? 

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Works Christmas Do

Each year, H&M do a cracking work Christmas party, this year was no different. A three course festive meal ( A veggie one for me!) and Christmas punch, cocktails and to finish it off, I levelled with an americano. 

It's a really nice way to round off the year, celebrate, get everyone together and have fun outside of work.  It always makes me think about how fortunate I am to work for a company that's willing to give a little back, especially at Christmas time.

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Travelling to Newcastle

It was an early start on Sunday morning, when I headed up north to Newcastle to visit Adam and his family, before Adam comes to stay for Christmas. I managed to get 5 hours sleep, put my make up on and get dressed before heading for Birmingham's Grande Central. 

The three and a half hour train journey was a busy service, with lots of people, luggage and arguing over seat reservations (Just sit down people!) but I managed to get lots of work completed on the journey for uni. I always find it much easier to concentrate when there's no wifi as a distraction. Perhaps I should travel long distance more often, I think Adam would like that.

I'm coming for you @adamhamptonmatthews ✌🏻️ Birmingham 🚂🚂🚂 Newcastle
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All the essentials in my #suitcase for my #trip up north! #travel #essentials = books, chargers, vests for that freezing weather and a wash bag. Sorted.
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Looking sharper than I feel! After #lastnight 🍸 off on another festive #family visit! 👫 #travel (tap for outfit deets)
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