Food: City Spice Curry House, Brick Lane, London

Last week I was down Brick Lane to pick up my glasses (read my weekly round up lifestyle blogpost here) after picking them up and still having plenty of time on my hands, I opted for a curry rather than a coffee shop sandwich, which on Brick Lane is basically the same price. Inflation ey?

All the curry goodness for £11

If you haven't been to Brick Lane in Shoreditch before, it's the Capitol of curry, it's full of curry houses and stores selling things to make curry. And it's also rife with curry touts, stood outside their restaurants, drumming up business for their restaurants, trying to get people to come inside and eat. It's an old tradition that stands strong in this mostly independent restaurant area.

I chose City Spice, right opposite the Old Truman underground market, every time I go passed at night it's always really busy. It's got great trip advisor reviews and has a massive banner across the front saying 'curry house of the year' which is interesting as at least four other restaurants down the same road boast the same banner.

I ended up very quickly becoming the only person having lunch in the restaurant (was it something I said!?) the restaurant was clean and well presented and I was served by a smart quiet waiter who made me feel like I was the warm up act in order to bring out his smile, he got there, eventually.

As a vegetarian, I usually am very limited food choice-wise in restaurants, it was even worse when I was a vegan, but I always find curry houses and balti houses to have plenty of choice, something more than a Korma too! With lots of different ingredients and flavours, city spice on brick lane was no exception.

I ordered a biryani and a peshwari naan bread, which is my absolute fav bread of all time, no competition, no question.It's amaze. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to naan.

All the foods!

I sat watching the world go by, out of the main street facing window, watched people from offices run back from lunch, vintage thrifters compare their finds and the owner of the restaurant frantically flag down the French Connection lorry when it nearly bumped his Jaguar. No matter what time of day, there's always so many sights to see.


Biryani curry

Naan bread

My food took a while, but then again, it was cooked with fresh to order with fresh ingredients that had only just arrived (I was also there for the delivery) when my food arrived I was thankful I hadn't ordered a side of rice! The portions were very generous (that's another thing about Brick Lane food places)

There was so much food, I took some home!

The smell of the curry was delicious and the sweetness from the narn bread was heaven in a bread, I sat for the following half an hour devouring my food whilst I witnessed hilarious restaurant interactions, over the phone and with sales reps selling beer and giving out free fridges. It is very much a family run, small business, who take no shit and don't care if they loose customers because as the owner put it he'd 'Rather die than sell a three course dinner for £15, not in my restaurant' and promptly put the phone down on the customer. It's safe to say you wouldn't have had the same experience in pizza express. Haha. It was an experience.

The leftovers!

Overall my food was full of flavour, with acceptable service and full of great humour. It's a great little spot to watch the world go by and is very reasonably priced for the quality and amount of food you get.

Open for lunch and dinner (it's always busy at dinner) City Spice is where Brick Lane transitions from day to night.

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