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A sunny autumn day

*This post has admittedly, been in the draft box a while, I now need another jumper and mittens on! 

I'll be honest, when I got back from New Zealand, it was weird. I wrote about what it was like when i'd just returned home here, and after that post, I took a few days to unpack, go through all the post the month had accumulated and had some down time at home, on my own before picking back up at University and going back to work in the UK. 

Across the fields

Going from a country with breathtaking views, nature in abundance and a whole different season was a bit of a shock to the system when I was back in the burbs, in wet and windy weather with leaves on the ground!

Looking a little like summer

I took some photos on a wander into my local town centre at home, totally captivated with the season that I'd pretty much missed. The brown trees, the leaves on the floor and the puddles and dog foot prints, left behind by wagging tails and happy feet.

Look up more often...

Green fields and blue skies

Strolling down where I usually run

It's nice isn't it sometimes to rethink your reality and see it with a fresh pair of eyes and truly appreciate what beauty is around you.

Autumn leaves

All the Autumnal leave colours

A sweet little photo spot

Crunchy leaves
Wandering in the sunshine

And here I am, two weeks before Christmas writing about autumn! Perhaps I'll get my camera out again over Christmas to see the new season and all of its festive glory!

Clarks' trusty brown boots, made for all weathers!

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