Lifestyle: Top 10 Things About Living In A Hotel

Earlier this year in October, I went to New Zealand for a month with work (H&M) to open the first H&M in New Zealand in Sylvia Park Shopping Centre for a month I lived in a Hotel. The Hotel was on the Auckland Harbour and was my home from home with a double bed, living space, kitchen and bathroom. The Sebel Viaduct was great.  Living in a hotel was amazing, a travel bloggers dream, but I did basically live of Avocado on toast and got far too into smoothies and juices, here are my top ten things about living in a hotel...

When in a hotel...


The moment you check in and you wait with anticipation outside your door whilst you key card unlocks. You walk in and have the THIS IS AMAZING moment.

Obligatory lift selfie...


The fact you have a bath and a shower, not one, not one rolled into one but a beaut power shower and a bath tub. Goals.


The mini bar. You'll never use it because it's HELLA EXPENSIVE but it's nice to look at because, I live here now.

Carbs, PJs, Outside the Hotel's reception


Wine glasses are the only glasses provides so you sip lemonade like a fancy pants, just because.


The options of news papers. Daily, weekly? Ooo the choices for a modern women on a work trip abroad.

The view! 


The do not disturb sign. Not because you're busy, but because you don't want your cleaner to see the totally unjustifiable amount of make up/ beauty/ skincare/ life products you brought with you for this month long trip- what? I like to moisturise. Stop judging me.

People's late night hotel antics and the curious case of Matt's missing shoe...


A dishwasher. Now, I'm not accustomed to a dishwasher. But without it my dishes would have resembled the pyramids in my kitchen sink.


The giant blue fluffy blanket they put over the bed spread. Heaven. Pure delight. Satisfying. The perfect accompaniment to a Netflix and chill night. Can I take it home?

Gael's 'English' breakfast, soya coffee and the best breakfast ever!


Room service. I became addicted to avocado this trip, I'm not even lying. My green little friend is now my go-to when I feel I need to add something extra to my food. I'm obsessed. Whilst away in New Zealand I ordered my breakfast with a side of avocado. Every. bloody. time. Now I've written that sentence I realise I need to get a life. #travelproblems

And finally to number 10...


No matter how messy your room gets, you just whack the do not disturb on the door, because no one is there to tell you it's a mess and you gotta clean it up.

Ahhhh hotel life. I'll miss you.

Clo :)

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