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Hello Internet friends!

For all those of you who are at university and college - I hope you're doing alright and are coping with the strain that study brings. I'm in my final year and I honestly can't wait for it to be over. I found myself thinking about my time at university, whilst on campus late the other night. I've learnt a lot from my time there, but I also didn't get to experience it to the fullest due to factors way out of my control (1. That 9k rent) (2. That 9k rent) I'm also a bit of an introvert at university and don't really have a 'group' that I've settled with friends-wise whilst I've been there.

Working in Starbucks on one of my projects.

When it comes to study I'm very focused and driven, I know how to get on with the task in hand, I know what my end goal is, so I tend to go off and do that rather than focus on social gatherings and group study sessions. It was whilst running round a blacked out campus to take a photo of their coffee machine (no, really, I kid you not) when I thought about all the things I'd have done differently study wise had I have lived there beyond my first year in halls: I'd have read more, immersed myself into the library and film library and perhaps had a little more time to Netflix and chill, I would also have got a job sooner.

But I, like many others, I didn't get the typical uni experience that I expected and real life got in the way. But I know that dispite those little 'I wish it was easier' niggles inside my brain, I know when I come out the other side, degree in hand I'm really going to be able appreciate my down time, my job and my move back to London with my boyfriend, Adam, because I've had to really work for it. That said, I'm really looking forward to switching uni for my job and laptop club for my hobbies. I can't wait to pick up a camera and go out into the city. Do something different, learn something new away from the books, analysis and designing.

That London Midland selfie that told me my hips don't lie. I'm a wide hipped gal <3. 

Everyone mentally scrabbling for the 19:23 Euston - Wolverhampton service. Can't wait to kiss this train trip goodbye!

Safe to say I will not miss the University commute, that four hour trip door to door, twice a day multiple times a week. No. Thank. You.

So to all my fellow university goers! Cary on, do the best you can and know that it's not forever. Go hard, then go home!

Don't worry if you're not the life and soul of the party like you are back home, not to worry that people aren't overly friendly; that's stress and coffee that is.

Sipping on a coffee on my first train home. 

Future you will really appreciate the work you put in now in order to create a future that's the one that you're proud you created.

What are you looking forward to after university?

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