Travel: High Line, Chelsea & The National Concert, New York

Friday was our final day assigned to sightseeing in NYC, It was also the last day of the New York Pass, so we headed up to the Bronx to do a behind the scenes tour of the Yankee stadium, but when we got there it was all closed and they'd cancelled the tours, which kind of changed our plans!

We didn't fancy spending the day in the Bronx, so we headed back into Midtown Manhattan on a friends recommendation to go a visit the New York high line, an old rail route transformed into a garden above the city. So off to chelsea we went!

Travel: Brooklyn Museums & Botanical Gardens, New York

In an effort to see more of Brooklyn, we grouped the Brooklyn New York Pass stuff together to do in one day. Other than that I was manly interested to see how busy areas were in comparison to Manhattan! Aiming for a chilled day, in a quieter area and perhaps see another side of New York City, we had a long lie in before heading uptown to Brooklyn at around lunchtime for a visit to the New York Transit Museum.

Travel: Paley Media Center & Top Of The Rock, New York

After being here, there and everywhere yesterday, Adam and I decided to take today a little slower. 
Starting the day again in Andrew's cafe for a lunch of pizza and quesadillas and hazelnut coffee (Weird mix, I know) before walking up to 52nd st for the Paley Media Centre. 

Travel: Museums & Dear Evan Hansen Musical, New York


Another day of  jam packed sightseeing! We started the day in midtown for some food fuel before heading to the upper east side to kick start our day of design and culture seeing what the museum mile had to offer...

Travel: History Museum, Biking & Katy Perry Concert, New York

Today was such a busy day!  We started off at The Natural History Museum, then hired bikes to explore Central park, then finished the day off at the Katy Perry concert at Maddison Square Garden!

We took the subway uptown, to 81st St to get to the museum, The Natural History Museum was on Adam's 'To Do' list from day 1, and we'd luckily picked a super hot day to spend in the museum's air conditioning!

Travel: Coney Island & Luna Park, New York

After a few days back to back sightseeing, it was time to give our legs a break! We had a nice long sleep in, then headed south, to Coney Island. It's a bit like Brighton / Blackpool, it's got those sort of vibes. Set on the beach, lots of food places and fun fair rides to go one. We had a free four hour rein of the theme park with our New York Pass, to took full advantage going on the rides again and again!

Travel: Banking, Boating & The Statue Of Liberty


Today we headed downtown to Wall St, starting our day with breakfast at Leo's Bagels. It was highly recommended on Google for Breakfasts in New York and with a hankering for something savoury, ticked all our breakfast boxes. With our walking shoes on and bellies needing feeding we ordered up two egg omelette bagels to kick start our day!

Travel: New York's Sports & Screen Stars

So! Day three started off at Madison Square Garden, using our New York Passes for an access all areas behind the scenes tours of the massive sports and concert arena. It's such a great space, full of history. Our guide (Who i think was called Anthony) was great without being cheesy, showing us around the displays from key Madison Square Garden moments such as Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK and Hulk Hogan's outfit from his biggest fight.

Travel: New York's Big Bus Tour

For our trip to NYC Adam and I bought New York Passes ahead of time for 10 days of sightseeing in over 120 top NYC site seeing locations. For the first day of our New York Pass and second day in America, we took the Big Bus Tours Uptown, Midtown and Downtown tours of the city. It was a sweltering 29 degrees and it's fair to say we looked a little pink by the end of the day, having spent most of the time on the top of an open top double decker!

Travel: Exploring Brooklyn, New York

We started our New York trip with a sleep in, after arriving late we decided to get some rest before starting our NYC exploring. As we've both been working recently, we haven't had time to sit down and plan our trip, so when we woke from our dreamy NY snooze, we decided to spend the day exploring Brooklyn and planning the rest of our trip...

Travel: Off To New York City!

We've landed in NYC after a long haul, that's for sure. We started off in Newcastle after a weekend celebrating my birthday and spending time with Adam's family. We boarded a train bound for Edinburgh an hour later than scheduled and were delayed from the get-go. The train, the plane, the bus the other end, the subway and getting into the apartment too!

Fashion: Anna Sui Exhibition

I realised the other day at work that I have one week left in London before I head to the big apple off on my holidays. With moving house, starting a new job and doing up our new pad, I've sidelined museum fashion exhibitions in London that I've been wanting to go to. With the turn of the season of shows now upon us, I've literally got a week to see all the art gallery and museum exhibitions that I wast to see before they all close.

So after work on Thursday night I walked over Tower Bridge to The Fashion and Textiles Museum show of 'Anna Sui' I'll admit, I've never actually been to The Fashion & Textile museum (Bad fashion student, I know!) and now I've been I'm not sure why, it's supper close to London Bridge and in a sweet spot for little shops and independent cafes.

So here are some of the photos I took whilst at the Anna Sui Fashion exhibition, If you're able to go, go it's on until 1st October so you've got a couple of weeks left, no need to book, just rock up and students get in for £6 which is a bargain! All details can be found here 'Fashion & Textile Museum Website.

Homeware: New Plant Friends!

If you read my previous post 'How not to spend a million pound in Ikea' you'll know I'm currently on a homeware crusade in an effort to make my new house a home.  We've lived back in London for about two months now, unpacked all of our things but aren't yet 100% there with furniture or home furnishings.

So off to Ikea we went and £212 later, we came home with some much needed shelves, curtain poles, and plants amongst other boring, adulating / household essentials. Ahh, Adult life.

I'm a big fan of greenery, Adam (My boyfriend) isn't quite as keen. He's currently claiming that the flat is like a jungle, with plants and greenery among our books, bedsides and windowsills.

Homeware: How Not Spend A Million Pounds In Ikea

Hey all!

I love Ikea. I mean, who doesn't? And now I actually have my own flat I'm even more 'pro Ikea' the minimalist aesthetic, the matte finished and of course, the price have all got me sold.

The only downside to my ikea thirst is the fact that I live in Zone 2. To get to IKEA would take me an hour and a half and I'm pretty sure that during that time I'd kill my other half (Hi Addie!) in a car park in Croydon after taking a wrong turn thanks to google maps. Another crushing reality is that we don't have a car, so we would have to fork our for an uber or a van to get all those overgrown plants, veggie Swedish meatballs and undeniable homeware bargains back to base camp.

So with my Dad coming to stay next weekend we've roped him in to drive us to Ikea for those few final bits and bobs that will make our house our home.

So here are my tips for not spending a million pounds that you don't have, on stuff you don't need from Ikea and also how not to kill your other half in a car park in Croydon.

Homeware: Cabinet From The Curb

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger 03

Last weekend, whilst my Dad was over, Adam my Dad and I were walking down a street near where we live, when we quite literally stumbled over a piece of furniture on the pavement outside a house, this is a pretty common accurate in London. People haven't got time to Gumtree or Ebay their old furniture, they simply stick it outside their house and someone comes along and takes it, much like the old days.

The cabinet was grey, industrial office looking, but in seemingly good condition, I jokingly said that if it was there in the way back we'd nab it, after all there was no way I was turning back home, it was already 2pm and we'd only just left the house, so much for a day out!

This Weekend: Week 30

This weekend was all about Musical Theatre, that's one of the major perks of living in London, the fantastic options of theatre, comedy and music. It was Adam's birthday weekend, so we had cake, went to see a musical and spent some time in Soho!

Life: Adam's Graduation

Hello Im Clo, Lifestyle Blogger, Graduation 9

Adam’s graduation was amazing. He was graduating with the equivalent of a first (Masters marking is slightly different from BA) from Newcastle University in Architecture. For the past two years he’s been working towards this day. Education is the things that made us have to be long distance and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a sense of relief yesterday that it was all over, that chapter of our lives had closed and we were off on the next adventure.

Food: Pizza Union Kings Cross

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger, Pizza Union 1

Pizza Union is becoming a bit of a London institution. I’ve heard loads of people talk about it, I’ve heard rave reviews of pizza goodness and seen a far few pizzas consumed on my way out of the Studio in Aldgate.

So when Adam and I finished work on Thursday and headed to Kings Cross to hop on the train to Newcastle we thought we’d pop into Pizza Union, Kings Cross for a bite before the ride. 

This Weekend: Week 29

This weekend was a busy one! Lots of great food, drinks and family time up north. Both Adam and I had taken Friday off work to head up to Newcastle on Thursday night in preparation for his graduation on the Friday.

Culture: Exploring London's South Bank

London Lifestyle Blogger, Southbank 1

Saturday was so much fun, my dad came to stay for the weekend. It's the first time he's come to stay since we officially moved in and this time we actually had a bed for him to sleep in (read more about our move in shinanigans here)

Adam and I had jotted down a few ideas of things to do over the weekend, most of them around SouthBank. So we planned to show dad the sights, stretch our legs and infuse a bit of culture into the weekend...

We started off at London Bridge station, hopping over the borough market. Which honestly, is another post in itself. It's so busy, bustling with people, food pulled high and more options than your belly knows what to do with. We wanders through, tried lots of samples and gazed at the serious array of bread they have on offer. Got to love the bread.

Culture: London's Borough Market

London Lifestyle Blogger, Borough Market 10

Borough Market, a place full of flavour, character and London charm. When I asked my Dad what he fancied doing whilst he was staying with Adam and I for the weekend, his first suggestion was borough market, with Adam and I being massive foodies, we were sold, so when the weekend arrived, off we went to Borough Market.

Culture: Visiting Chelsea

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger, Chelsea  7

Last weekend was a busy but productive one, not getting everything we needed for the flat on Saturday, Adam and I headed up to Oxford St on a fine Sunday morning to purchase a telly without the hassle of crowds, people and tourists. We needed a telly so went in, then pretty much straight out after picking, paying and sending the telly to click and collect for later collection by Uber. It was the smoothest shopping I’ve ever done on Oxford Street. Done and dusted.

With the most important thing of the day done, we picked up some pastries from Waitrose and an Americano coffee for me and hopped on the bus towards Chelsea. I’ve spend loads of time in Knightsbridge / Kensington area but not too much time in Chelsea, so we went off to explore...

Food: Veggie Breakfast

Hello Im Clo London food blogger, 10

Sometimes it’s just quite nice to eat out, isn’t it?

We felt that way Saturday morning, so we headed out to a quaint little cafe not too far away from home. We just fancied something different, and with the whole day ahead of us, we thought we’d give it a good kick start! 

Travel: Berlin Day 3

Hello Im Clo, Travel Blogger, Berlin 08

I really do love my job. There's a real work life balance, which applies to work abroad too. After a long day yesterday, we headed out to find some drinks before having a very well deserved dinner. Our long day turned into a very fun night exploring the city and having some down time, we ended up crashing pretty late; which led me to wake up on Thursday morning needing coffee and a serious lie in. I could get the coffee, but the lie in would have to wait as Berlin waits for no one, this is fashion week.

Travel: Berlin Day 2

Hello Im Clo, Berlin, Travle Blogger Day 2, 1


For our first full day in Berlin, Alice and I started off with food. When I'm away I always try to have something different, something I either couldn't get or couldn't make at home, so I opted for a veggie croissant with scrambled egg, brie and jam, a pleasant surprise, it was yummy. But the coffee was even better, it was a soya vanilla latte with a golden top that smelt like it had some spices and tumeric in, it was spectacular, I loved it. Nothing sets the pace better that a cracking cuppa coffee.  I also had a cookie slash brownie, because, you know, when abroad.

Travel: Berlin Day 1

Hello Im Clo, Travel Blogger, Berlin D1 0 16

A 3am alarm clock is never welcome, regardless of what you're up to or where you're going at that time of the morning. I was off to Berlin on this random Tuesday in July. It's a work trip to Berlin Fashion Week and the Berlin trade shows, which show the SS18 collection that will be released early next year. I love my job and I love to travel, so combine them together and you've got a winner.

Lifestyle: First Week In The New Flat


Another week gone! Time is flying so fast! This week we finally moved into our flat and have been slowly going through all our possessions to make our new house a home. We've still got a long way to go, but the flat is starting to take shape, the king size bed arrived earlier today, further adding to the homey comforts. 

Our ultimate vice, food is all unpacked and the kitchen ship shape, even if the oven doesn't work. Adam and I are getting creative with our hob concoctions beyond pasta and rice and with the million spice jars we moved with, flavour should be evident! I might even get the food mixer out and bake a cake for the week ahead. (Thinks about vegan banana bread oooooooo)
I'm starting to get into the swing of the commute, and mastering the art of being a sardine in a tin can on the tube, but it's also serving as great reading time, just little snippets. I'm currently reading the life changing art of tidying. At first I wasn't getting into it and questioned if the writer actually had some type of ocd disorder, but they I realised I was on p100, it's a specific read but a well times one for unpacking the flat! 

Life: We've Moved Into Our London Flat!

Hello Im Clo, Home

We've moved in! Finally!!!

After all the drama, Adam and I now permanently live together, no more long distance, no more week long stints together. After two long years, a BA and a Masters later, we finally get to wake up next to each other every morning, even if for the time being on a blow up air bed! We're getting our mattress delivered next week (Yayyyyy!)

We really had a hard time getting to this point, we are the poster people of how not to move to London, everything that could have gone wrong did and it took longer than expected.

So gone are the overnights in hostels, long cross country commutes and late night face times!

We're finally unboxing all the things we've been buying for the past 18 months and although it took me 15 minutes to find underwear this morning, we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

It's crazy how much stuff we have between us, despite us both having massive clear outs prior to moving, but with our things in the building it's starting to feel like ours, it's our new home. How grown up.

Speaking of grown up: moving, living and being located in London is expensive. Like super expensive. Tax is painful, rent makes you cry and council tax don't come cheap at nearly £1400 per year. So yeah, friends if you want to go out, I'll be on tap water!

I'm so glad to have done this with Adam, he really is the best. We also couldn't have done it without our super supportive friendship group and our amazing Dads!

It's been a challenge, but in the end, we're in, it's ours and our new pad is starting to shape up! Prepare for lots of homeware stuff, DIYs and life stuff over the next couple of months. It might be a little slow off the blocks as we don't have internet yet, but it'll be all good in the end!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

Life: Moving House: What A Disaster

Hello Im Clo, Moving House, 11

Adam and I were all set to move into our new flat on Saturday, after a week of stressful drama on the landlords side, we were finally ready to go. Our Dad's at the ready, Adam and his dad had already driven all of Adam's belongings down on Friday night, with the idea being Saturday would be smooth, plain sailing. The irony.

Life: Going Home For The Weekend

Hello Im Clo, london lifestyle blogger, virgin train

I'm on the 8:03pm from Euston, London heading home for the weekend. I'm loving my new job, not so much loving the living situation: Central London hostel with 5 other humans, bunked up and on top of each other (Not literally, thank god.) But I'm two weeks in and feel like I'm getting the hang of city life. I've commuted for years, but I feel like I'm seeing a different side of the city now. The commuting, the walks through the city, the sights, smells and sighs of fellow commuters that are pissed off because they're so impatient they can't wait 3 minutes for a train, that's london for you.

Life: Living In A Youth Hostel

Hello I'm Clo, travel blogger, 01


I write this little update post from my boiling hot room at Generator Hostel, London. The fan is blowing but there's nothing that can banish the smell of over warn shoes and 6 people and all their luggage. Nice.

This is my second week at the hostel, which is by far the cleanest in the city. I've started my new job which is very exciting (EEEEEKKKKKK!) Every day I'm learning something new and basically being like 'OMG as if this is a career!' I'm having a blast, I love love love it. I've been staying in a hostel as I can't commute doing a 9-5 from Birmingham, so bunking down was my only option whilst Adam and I look for a place in the house hunting monster that is London. Which is honestly harder said than done. It's stressful and very tedious!


Career: First Week In My New Job

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger, 07

My first week of being a fully fledged working woman is well underway! It's been such a whirlwind, especially as I volunteered with London Graduate Fashion Week and have mystery dined in more Prets than I care to count!

I am loving my new job. The company is so interesting, the work is grabbing my attention and the team is super friendly. And although I'm new, I don't feel like the new girl.

It's a bit strange, being away from home but not in a place that's my own, but I'm not spending too much time in my hostel other than to sleep and shower. I'm spending most of my time at work, before and after my start and finish times, because I'm so interested in all the stuff that I'm working on and as a real bonus they have Yorkshire tea. Tonnes of it. The very best type of tea. Great people + great tea = job match made.

Brain Dump: 12

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger 09

This week has been crazy busy. I start my new job on Monday, left my old one on Wednesday and currently don't have anywhere to live in London. Adam finished the major part of his masters degree and after 8 weeks apart I finally got to see him!

It's a simultaneously stressful and exciting time for the both of us, it's a big change for our Dads too, and I am very conscious of striking the balance between being excited, but also being aware that our dads may not share the same enthusiasm, we're moving away and that's hard for any decent parent, no matter how old your child is.

Fortunately for me, Dad took this week off, I actually delayed my start date so that I could spend some quality time with him before I move out. It's been great! We've been on lots of adventures, picnics and car journeys and I've also managed to catch up with old friends, up my eBay game and lose my Wagamamas virginity. It was fabulous.

University: I Got A First!

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger 05

As ever, getting my final marks for my university degree was dramatic and unusual, like the rest of my life. I had walked from Euston to Brixton (Yes, you read that correctly, yes I am mental, yes I have sore feet and they smell.) It was the hottest day of the year and unbeknown to me at the time I'd burnt the top of my head because I'd put suncream everywhere but my head. I digress.

My friend Maria (Hey Gurl!) phoned me excitedly telling me that the marks were up just as I was figuring out which way to go towards Streatham Hill. The smarty pants had obviously got a first and I am super proud for my buddy. I got off the phone with pure panic. It's one thing to panic about marks and It's quite another to panic about your mark and know that it's sat there waiting for you.

London: Starting The Flat Search

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger

If you've ever looked for a flat to live in, you know how stressful, agonising and god damn expensive it is. There's fees, packing shit up, location scouting and that's all before you've moved in.

Adam (My boyfriend) and I decided two years ago that we would move back to London after we'd finished university. When we met we both lived in London and soon after getting it together, Adam moved back to Geordie Land, Newcastle to do his Masters and I moved back home to Worcestershire and decided to commute to London instead. If I wasn't going to live with Adam, I was't going to flat share with anyone else!

So, here we are. Two years later and I have a week until I start my new job (Never been so excited about work) and Adam still hasn't finished university. So i'm in a hotel for the first few weeks of my new job, which, granted isn't ideal, but it was my compromise and that compromise has taken the pressure off both of us, big time.

Career: I'm Leaving H&M

Hello Im Clo, Career at H&M 02

So! The time has come, today is my last shift at H&M, it's been over two years since I started the job I don't even remember applying for in the first place and it feels like I'm closing off a very important chapter of my life. I get lots of questions about working at H&M and as I am officially no longer an employee, I thought I'd answer some of those questions, whilst documenting some of my experiences I've had, that I can look back on when I'm old and grey or if I ever need to give my future children career advice and the brains a bit hazy. (Talk about planning in advance.

First up!  Why am I leaving H&M?  I have a new job! I'm off to work in research, concept development and future forecasting at an agency in London. I'm putting my degree to use and pursuing something I'm truly motivated by and excited about.  I've learnt a lot at H&M and I'm going transfer some of that knowledge into my new job.

Creative: Documenting Summer Fashion Trends

Hello Im Clo, Sustainable Fashion,1 Blogger,

My drawing looks like a five year olds self portrait, my painting isn't much better, but since around 14 I've been interested in Fashion: the colours, the shapes and the undeniable personalities. I've loved  watching, working in fashion and studying fashion and have along the way developed my own way of expressing my creative ideas.

Originally, the only magazine I'd read with fashion in it was The Times weekend supplements. My dad bought the paper and I always had the magazine, I also read The Times LFW supplements at school in the library, that was before I had my own money to go out and get fashion magazines. My earliest fashion magazine memory is subscribing to Vogue and having it thud through the porch and onto the ground. I'd dive on it and mark the pages, writing notes and ideas on the advertisements, interviews and outfits I liked.

Fashion: Rokit London, Vintage Haulternative

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 15

Rokit vintage is my current go-to for clothing. I'm board of the high street, mass produced, poor fit and fast, throw away fashion that's on offer. Vintage fits me better and each piece is pretty much unique. From a sustainable point of view, it's great to give a second hand item some tlc and stop it going to landfill. With that in mind, I'm always looking out for cool vintage stores and charity shops to have a gander in.

Rokit has become my go-to vintage brand recently (Did you see me up-cycle a briefcase from Rokit for art supplies?) I regularly pop into the Rokit in Covent Garden during my walk between Waterloo and Euston to rummage through their vintage and retro pieces. There's lots of choice for guys and girls and  their pieces doesn't come with the hefty 'vintage' price tag. The staff are cool and will always help you out when you get stuck in a top (happened) or when you leave one of your vintage finds behind (Also happened)

So here are some of my latest purchases from Rokit and a little insight into how I personally plan to style them. I'm aiming to create a YouTube video soon, styling each of these pieces, I'm just waiting for the British weather to perk up a bit so I can film in natural light, without getting soaked in the rain!

Culture: Coombe Abbey Country Park

Coombe Country Park, Hello Im Clo, Culture Blogger 12

With a Sunday off work, Dad and I headed out for a day in the sunshine, without too much of a plan I packed a picnic for good measure. We starting the day by visiting my Nan and catching up over a cup of tea and a few biscuits and it was then we decided to head to Coombe Abbey Country Park.

It was my Dad's suggestion, he grew up in Coventry and hadn't been there for years and the weather was looking perky, so we headed for Coombe.

Lifestyle: Books, Books & More Books!

Hello Im Clo, Fashion Lifestyle Blogger 03

It's been a few weeks since I completed university and I finally feel like I'm getting a little bit of balance back into my life, both personally and professionally. My new found time has allowed me to relax and take time with some of my favourite passions. Reading is one of those passions. I've always been a big reader, despite being a little slow due to my dyslexia and requiring a reading viser. I love nothing better than a good book and a steaming hot cup of coffee. I can be anywhere in the world enjoying a book and a book can too transport me anywhere.

Fashion: Charity Shop Haul

Hello Im Clo, Sustainable Fashion Blogger, 14

Charity shop shopping has a bad rep. It's often assumed that charity shops only sell the things that people don't want, which is true, but another persons trash is another persons treasure.

After investigating fashion supply chains and fashion disposal during my final year of university, I took Traid's pledge to source 70% of my wardrobe from second hand sources and the other 30% from sustainable and ethical brands and makers.

Culture: Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley Clinton, Culture Blogger, Hello Im Clo 15

A couple of weeks ago, Dad and I went out on a day trip, making the most of our National Trust memberships, to one of their properties not too far away from us, Baddesley Clinton. It's a National Trust house and garden famous for it's priest holes and tudor history. As a kid, I went there on a school trip and vividly remember dressing up and learning about Henry VII's wives. Our trip was less about history and dressing up and much more about relaxing, enjoying the good weather and seeing the summer flowers coming out to bloom!

Life: Revamping Hello I'm Clo


With sometime before I start the next phase of my career, I've decided to have a little re-brand on my social media platforms and blog. I've now got the time (and the energy) to do all the things I've been wanting to do, both creatively and technically on my social media and blog. I've been keeping note of all my ideas in my Moleskine journal and have even focus grouped some of my ideas over lunch with some of my favs, which gave me a little confidence boost, I'm not going to lie.

Hello I'm Clo

So! without further ado- this is what's happening: My photos are going to change, my layout is going to change and I'm going to start creating Youtube video content again. For a long time I've been putting off creating direct to camera youtube footage, due to hate comments on my previous attempts and fear of being 'discovered' by someone at uni, but life is too short to not give something a try and I feel that now is the best time to start. I have creative ideas, technical ability and feel really comfortable within my own skin, knowing my true identity. I've grown up and know what I'm all about. I'm not a teen trying styles on for size, whilst floundering to find my personality anymore.

Thrifting: Organising My Art Supplies, Vintage Style.

Hello everyone!

I'm back! I've finished university and am ready to go into the world of work, adult hood and pick up the blogging once again! Today's post combines two of my favourite things to do: vintage thrifting and crafting. During the final weeks of university I was very hands on with my project, taking over my Dad's dining room table with spray cans, materials, cotton bols and scrap store bits and bobs. It was full on, but worth it as no matter the grade, I'm proud and pleased with the work I produced. I even filmed it too, so keep your eyes peeled for a 'Making Of' video sometime soon.

With so much cutting, spraying, painting and Uhu gluing having been done, once I'd handed in, it was a real clear up operation to get the dining room back to normal, no uhu in sight. I'd ended up buying things specifically for my project, so when It came to packing away, there simply wasn't enough space in my current art supplies storage set up. With my flat move on the horizon, I'd been thinking about how I could store my art stuff going forward and had toyed with the idea of using a vintage suitcase, to keep everything all in one place.

Fitness: My First Yoga Class


It's been a while, hasn't it? and I'm sorry about that, but as you guys can appreciate, my university final major projects had to take priority, and with them all printed and ready to be handed in; I feel like I'm getting aspects of my life back. One part of my life that I've really let slip is my fitness. First year of uni, I was on-it at the gym; doing up to 6 classes a week: spin, aerobics, LBT, kick boxing, the works. I looked and felt fantastic. But I'll be the first to admit that I don't feel that way right now. My lifestyle over the past two years has been un-healthy and unbalanced, but that's about to change.

First up, yoga. I've been told by so many people that I should check yoga out and give it a go. I've really been aware recently of how I'm struggling with my Aspergers, I need to relax more and be less tense body wise, so when I found out that my favourite coffee shop had a yoga studio upstairs, I was sold.

A small studio in the heart of Worcester city, I had 7 other people in my first class. It was intimate, friendly and I feel really good having been. So good that I sit in the coffee shop sipping on a Teapigs earl grey as I type, feeling fluid, together and a-ok; which isn't for me as easy as it sounds.

The irony of this post and the image being of cake, but it had fruit in it so semi healthy, but totally delicious! I can highly recommend. 

University: One Week Left

I have just under a week to go until I hand in my final project for university- then that's it, my degree is all done and it's scary. Where did all that time go? Why when I've wanted university to be finished for ages does it feel so daunting.

When I was in college, those at university seemed so much older and together than I was, but now I'm the other side of university I certainly don't feel that to be true.

I now have to go out there and get a job, a good job, one that I really enjoy, one that pays my bills. Bills. That's such an adult thing isn't it? Like council tax and pensions, I don't feel old enough to deal with. OMG the stress.

Travel: Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand

These photographs nearly never existed. I'd been at work for well over 12 hours and had just returned to my hotel to find a bunch of colleagues in a group about to go explore Auckland at night. After twisting my arm, I jumped in the lift, into my room and did a splash and dash before rejoining the group in the lobby, camera at hand to explore the Auckland nightlife.

Fashion: The Thrill Of Vintage Shopping

There's something about vintage shopping that's unlike anything else and until recently I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Then I picked up two incredible jackets at Rock Follies Vintage in Worcester and I knew what it was.

Rarely do you go out in search of a specific item, you might know the era or decade you're after but what you find is completely luck of the draw. So far removed from buying something straight off the peg, the same as the other 10,000 produced; vintage is in small qualities, in scattered locations in a variety of conditions.

Travel: Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke Island

Mudbrick Vineyard is stunning. So calm and beautiful, it was definitely a highlight of my time in New Zealand.

My friend Charlotte and I took the ferry over to Waiheke Island to check out the Island everyone was talking about. It was about a 40 minute ferry journey to the small island off Auckland and it was well worth it, we had a lovely day exploring, climbing rocks with handbags and going down dead ends in the rain. It was fun, exciting and I've never felt more alive.