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Culture: Stratford-Upon Avon

Outside Shakespeare's Birthplace

As big Shakespeare fans, Adam and I decided to make a day trip of our afternoon matinee performance of The Tempest at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon Avon. Taking an earlier train to have some time exploring the heritage sights, independent shops and having a spot of lunch prior to taking our seats in the theatre.

Stratford-upon-Avon CV37, UK

Fashion: Inspiring Menswear Styling

Adam on a recent train trip


I never really truly appreciated mens style until I met Adam. I'd admired mens fashion from afar, appreciated the many men at Fashion Week and London Men's Collections and eagerly watched the updates on the WGSN style pages, I liked looking at how people put their clothes together and how they wore what they wore, It was never about the labels or designer clothes they were wearing. It was all about the personality wearing the clothes.

London, UK

Travel: Views From The Back Of The Boat, Auckland

A great view of the sky tower

During my time at the Sebel Viaduct Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand I did a lot of walking down by the Harbour, I'd sit and watch boats and the people around the harbour, simply watching the world going by.

Whilst there, I also took a fair few ferry rides to go and explore more of New Zealand whilst there on my travels. From the boat and more specifically the back of the boat there were some incredible views. With an open top deck, It was a fantastic way to get all the views of the city and the places away from the city such as Devonport.

Harbour , Auckland, New Zealand

Culture: The Criterion Theatre, London

Ready for the production
Recently, we went on a trip to the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly, London to see The Comedy About A Bank Robbery. We'd been wanting to see the play after Adam and I went to see the same theatre company in their first production, The Play That Goes Wrong which made me laugh until I cried, It's by far the best comedy play or production I've ever seen. Ever.

218 Piccadilly, London W1J, UK

Food: A Spot of Lunch In Stratford-upon Avon

My homity pie


With tickets to see William Shakespeare's The Tempest and having arrived a little early to wander around the local, independent stores and markets, Adam and I decided to stop for a spot of lunch in one of the cafes, just off the high street to fill our boots before the two and a half hour performance at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon.

Stratford-upon-Avon CV37, UK

Fashion: Camden Town Vintage

Vintage brights on tops, tank tops and t-shirts.

After last weeks chat about clothing consumption, fashion consumption and basically having loads of stuff. I've made the commitment going forward to source some of my clothes from second hand sources and buy less brand new, clothing wise.

Camden Town, London NW1, UK

Travel: Birds Of Auckland

A family of swans
Last week I spoke about our little day trip out with our friend and Auckland dweller, Nico (Read about it here) on the same day of exploring and adventure seeking we went to a little lake, near an independent theatre and cafe to look at some of the birds and wildlife on and around the lake.

Auckland, New Zealand

Lifestyle: 5 Facts About Me

At the Gibside Columns 


I thought it was about time I did a little 'About Me' post, to introduce myself to new readers and share some facts about me to current blog readers that they didn't know before. 

5 Facts About Me

London, UK

Culture: Dilapidated Columns & A Walk In The Cold

Mika and I on our way to the Columns
On a wet and windy winter day, Adam and I took the Hampton-Matthews family dog, Mika, on a much needed walk in the local National Trust site, Gibside.

Whilst not raining when we set out, I popped my wellington boots on for good measure, and to navigate all the mud left from the typical winter, British weather and all it brings. A thick winter coat and a big brown scarf, wrapped me up nicely from the cold breeze that was in the air.

Adam brought his camera along with us, to capture Mika and her wagging tail as she bounced through the trees and skipped along the path ways (She does that when she's happy.)
Gibside, Rowlands Gill, Gateshead NE16 6BG, UK

Lifestyle: Winter Proofing My Car Tyres: Sponsored

At 21 you'd expect me to have my driving together, I've lived alone in London, I've traveled to the other side of the world on my own, yet I still can't drive - It's ridiculous! When I got back from New Zealand (The land of pure drivers) I decided that enough was enough and started to learn and I'm quite enjoying it, I don't know what I thought was so scary and I really regret not doing it sooner.

Winter Proofing My Car Tyres

Plume Tyres, 18 Sheaf Lane Sheldon Birmingham West Midlands B26 3HD

Food: Breakfast At Princi Bakery, Soho

Breakfast for 2


After discussing food for the next day (obviously) in bed (again, obviously) in the St Giles Hotel, just a stones throw away from Soho, Adam and I decided that we'd head to The Breakfast Club in their soho branch. 

The following morning, to our horror, there was a queue, an hour long, on a Monday. I repeat, the horror. Adam had banked on his pancake fix. So with heavy hearts and rumbling tummies we headed back to a bakery that we'd past, that we said one day we'd go in for coffee, today was that day.

135 Wardour Street London W1F 0UT

Travel: Off To The Beach, New Zealand

A view from the beach
I can't for the life of me remember where this beach is, which I appreciate isn't very helpful! Our friend and kiwi, Nico was driving us around some of his favourite spots, just outside of Auckland, New Zealand on a day trip, so he was In charge and I just stared out of the window, soaking up all the nature and weather!

Auckland, New Zealand

Culture: Dog Walking In Nature

Adam and Mika (A Shih Tzu & Toy Poodle cross)

Gibside, Rowlands Gill, Gateshead NE16 6BG, UK

Fashion: My Consumption Problem

Hello I’m Clo and I’m pretty sure I have a clothing consumption problem.

A small part of my wardrobe

Consumption Self Discovery

I’m doing my dissertation on Sustainability In The Fast Fashion Supply Chain and with that comes a lot of reading, research and surveys which have unearthed some shocking facts about consumption, fashion and the future. We’re not being as careful or as cautious as we should be and without preaching to you all, we can all make changes to impact the environment and the people and processes used to create clothes and again at the end of the clothing lifecycle: recycle our clothes.

London, UK

Travel: St Giles Hotel London

In the shower at the St Giles Hotel, London


For the past two years, I've been commuting to London. I'm always in the Capitol for events, research trips and seeing friends, most of the time it's a case of go early in the morning and get a late train back home, which sometimes means I miss the best bits of parties and events, but staying in London is expensive and for me, being just over an hours train journey away, unjustified. 

With tickets to The Comedy About A Bank Robbery booked for myself and Adam and with a few places we wanted to visit as well as the show, I did the romance ninja move and booked an overnight stay, a staycation so we could do and explore more without the time constraints or pressure.

St Giles Hotel, Bedford Ave, London, UK

Brain Dump: 11

Happy New Year!

I bet you're sick of hearing it now, especially as we're a week into the New Year! So here it is, my first weekly round up 'Brain Dump' of 2017! It's been an interesting one!

Hospital check, A good book and my new fashion staple, the black legging.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was low key at home with Adam and my Dad, after attending the London firework display a few years ago, I've vowed to stay at home for NYE for the foreseeable future, in the warm, comfy in a onesie and with alcohol I don't have to pay through the roof for! London ey?

Worcestershire, UK

Lifestyle: Blogging New Years Resolutions

1. I will stick to my schedule of at least once a week!

With the aim being to get back to three posts a week, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday once university has died down and I'm all settled at work and I have the wonder of free time on my hands! But until then, I promise I’ll give it my best shot! So keep your eyes peeled!

2. Write things ASAP

I’ll go to events / buy things / experience things and write about them straight away rather than find them in my drafts in December when I actually went to Rome in March, My bad. Writing about things as and when they happen, makes better writing and therefor better reading for your guys!

London, UK

Travel: Views Of Auckland, New Zealand

Walking towards Britomart
Whilst in Auckland, New Zealand, I did a lot of walking, much of it for going to and from work on the train, then back into the city to get back to my hotel.

On my early shifts, I liked to wander around the city after work and before it got dark. I love wandering, aimlessly, when I've got time on my hands, no where to be, to explore the side streets of cities I don't know to see what i've not seen before and discover something new.

Auckland, New Zealand

Culture: Gibside, National Trust

Walking though the parallel trees at National Trust's Gibside in Newcastle

Gibside Park

Gibside is one of my favourite places in the world. It's beautiful, calm and quiet. Full of nature and simply stunning whatever the weather, whichever the season.

Located just outside of Newcastle, Gibside is one of the 300 National Trust properties in the UK.  Gibside is an 18th Century estate with landscape gardens, acres of fields and trees and multiple walkways showcasing the remaining buildings on the estate as well as the trees, plants and flowers.
Gibside, Rowlands Gill, Gateshead NE16 6BG, UK

Lifestyle: 2017 Blog Goals


It's the new year, and so I thought I'd talk you lovely internet friends and blog readers through my 2017 Blogging Goals for the new year that's ahead. It may seem a cliche thing to do, but I really believe in aiming and striving forward to better yourself and achieve the things you want to achieve.
I also like to reflect on the previous year and see what I'm proud of and what I'd like to improve on or try out, going forward.

Looking forward to new adventures!

Birmingham, UK

Culture: A Festive Walk

Me, Mika and some much needed wellies!

Over the festive period, I took some time out to stretch my legs and clear my head, chill out with loved ones whilst getting outdoors. The family dog, Mika was in need of a walk and with beautiful scenery just a few minutes walk away, Adam and I thought we'd get some fresh air and take the dog for a nice long walk, burn off some energy and enjoy the festive colours, plants and decorations on display.
Gibside, Rowlands Gill, Gateshead NE16 6BG, UK

Lifestyle: Happy New Year!

Smiling away at Gibside, National Trust park in Newcastle over the festive period

Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas period and a well deserved rest, I know I have. I'm feeling much better and am ready to take on whatever 2017 has to offer!

I'll be spending today with family, probably going for a walk to lessen the Christmas load!

I'm back at university in London next week and then working towards a mid January deadline and then have got until June, when I graduate, to enjoy my final months of being a student.

Worcestershire, UK