Brain Dump: 11

Happy New Year!

I bet you're sick of hearing it now, especially as we're a week into the New Year! So here it is, my first weekly round up 'Brain Dump' of 2017! It's been an interesting one!

Hospital check, A good book and my new fashion staple, the black legging.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was low key at home with Adam and my Dad, after attending the London firework display a few years ago, I've vowed to stay at home for NYE for the foreseeable future, in the warm, comfy in a onesie and with alcohol I don't have to pay through the roof for! London ey?

We had a lovely buffet of festive left overs: quality streets, cheeses and a few cheeky left over mince pies - I couldn't resist! and got comfy on the sofas, relaxing and reading until NYE television kicked in. We watched the countdown, had a few more drinks then chilled until 2am and hit the sack. It was just what the doctor ordered (Quite literally) and it was lovely to spend it with my very small but tight knit family!


Apparently this looks gross according to Adam but was my tasty celebratory 'I'm leaving hospital' cake!

It's been an odd start to the New Year for me, If you follow me on social media, you'll know I've been in and out of hospital with stomach problems (I'll tell you all about it, when I'm ready to) and because of stomach swelling I haven't yet worn anything other than black basic leggings so far in 2017. I haven't worn a bra either. 2017 is free and easy so far!  But all jokes aside, It wasn't how I wanted to spend my Christmas and New Year period, especially as Adam was in town and Dad had time off, so it kind of gate crashed our family time, which was a shame. But shout out to the two of them for looking after me and ferrying my back and forth to the hospital and that mammoth journey from Newcastle hospital back home to Birmingham!

On a more positive note, the time in hospital allowed me to do lots of thinking, specifically about what I want to aim for and achieve of the new year. I've written a few posts about my Blogging new years resolutions here and all about my blog goals here and I've given real thought about the content I'm writing and the collaborations I'm working on and I'm so excited to see what the year has to offer!

Rest & Recuperation 

The view from home
With R&R firmly on the festive menu, I've been sleeping and resting for most of the New Year and my pain medication makes me sleep like sleeping beauty, so I can safely say I'm resting! As my movement has been tiring and limited, I've been spending lots of time on the internet, mainly Twitter and YouTube, catching up on what the vlogger/ blogger world is up to and discovered some fantastic new people creating some awesome content! I've even found my 'corner' of the internet filled with ethical and sustainability advocates - FRIENDS!

Meeting New People

Speaking of new people, I've been actioning one of my blogging resolutions already, I've been interacting on Twitter with fellow bloggers and YouTubers. There's so much uplifting and motivational stuff online at this time of the year, it's really helped keep my spirits up and given me something to read whilst R&R-ing! 

I've also discovered some pretty awesome new brands and products too, mainly Girlfriend Collective and Thinx who are both using innovation to change things. They're inspiring brands doing amazing things and I'm fully supportive of their aims and causes. Check them out!


It's even better inside! The ultimate for any Potter fan!

I can't tell if it's the meds, the downtime or the new year, but I've been really processing things in a thoughtful way. I know that sounds a bit weird, but I'm more aware than ever of thoughts, feelings and actions. Because of that and the fact that Victoria Beckham wrote a totally kick ass - amazing letter to her 18 year old self on, I was myself inspired to start writing things down more. I've got a bullet journal for the day to day tasks and a blog that pretty much charts my life, but I'm starting a journal for the tid-bits, the personal thoughts and reflections. I'm going to jot them in my brand spanking new Harry Potter Moleskin that Adam gifted me for Christmas as and when I feel compelled to write before bed. There's something so cathartic about writing with pen on paper, an ideal thing to do before bed.

So that was the first week! A weird one, but life ain't ever perfect, is it? 
I'm hoping to be well enough to go back to work next week and start having IRL contact, but I'm definitely excited to see what friendships can develop on the WWW going forward, and what i can learn from it too.

Off to have a cup of tea, some codeine and listen to Ed Sheeran's new music,

See you later!

Clo :)

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