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Ready for the production
Recently, we went on a trip to the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly, London to see The Comedy About A Bank Robbery. We'd been wanting to see the play after Adam and I went to see the same theatre company in their first production, The Play That Goes Wrong which made me laugh until I cried, It's by far the best comedy play or production I've ever seen. Ever.

Before The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, 39 steps was housed for just over a decade at the Criterion Theatre, a theatre housed underground. It's literally a step off the busiest square mile in London, but so far removed from today, it's refreshing, peaceful and takes you back in time.

The ceiling
The criterion is an oldie, built in 1874 and was originally designed to be a concert hall, hence the composer ties on the walls throughout the staircase, but the use of the space was changed after it was built to house a small theatre that seats just under 600 people. It's intimate and beautiful, a real London treasure.

A mix of tube station esque and ballroom

The sweeping staircase from the entrance, takes you underground to the bar space and theatre. Where we relaxed and got a drink before the show. You'd think being underground it'd be dark or overcast, but the space is light and airy, just like being above ground.

The bar area

The entrance to the theatre is beautiful, full of tiled artwork and bold statements of its era. It was like travelling back in time. Just like the play we went to see, mind you that only went back to the 50s! I was clearly ready for a bit of time travel with my vintage glasses and 60's mini denim dress!

Adam making me laugh 
We checked our coats into the cloakroom (£1 per item, bargain!) and had a little explore before taking our seats for the show.

Cloakroom tickets
Such a great production, fun, witty and with such brilliant set design, I just can't describe it or put it into words. Go see it. The show was fantastic, very fun, but not as funny as their other production, The Play That Goes Wrong.

Stain glass

It's such a beautiful and unique theatre, that's well worth a visit, the play is hilarious and the group are fantastically talented. Long may their success continue! But perhaps don't buy restricted view tickets, the view is very restricted! I'm talking poles, and a sore neck by the end from all the head tilting! We live and learn.

Beautiful stain glass colours

After the show, we took our time leaving, taking a little look around the theatre and the different staircases before coming back to the surface of Piccadilly. Back to the madness and back to our time.

Such a rich piece of art

Clo :)

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